MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Trail cameras in northern Minnesota have captured a couple of rare sights, including a very stout bear.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project, which studies wolves and their prey in and around the Voyageurs National Park, posted the videos on its Facebook page.

In early December, a video posted shows what the group called the “fattest bear we have ever seen in our area!” Check it out below.

“Unfortunately, we only got one video of this beauty,” the Facebook post said.

Then, on Monday, another video was posted showing a black wolf that the group says is the “arguable best” footage that the project has captured of such an animal.

“Pretty neat footage, especially since black wolves are relatively rare in our areal,” the Facebook post said.

The Voyageurs Wolf Project is going through trail camera footage from the summer and fall, and says it takes a lot of effort to get through all the footage.