By Kirsten Mitchell

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The winter weather is keeping homeowners on their toes. Just as Minnesotans finish digging out, Mother Nature may throw a another curve ball, with temperatures expected to rise to the 40s or 50s mid-week.

“We’re more nervous for our yard just to get kind of sloppy and muddy. With the dog, kind of makes a mess,” Minneapolis resident Allie Cavanaugh said.

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The quick melt may also impact your home.

“Flooding is always a concern, but we keep our fingers crossed that it’s minimal, but we know there’s no avoiding the re-freeze, when it goes from 50 [degrees] one day to 20 the next day,” Settergren’s Hardware Sales Associate Jess Miller said.

He said there’s a few things homeowners can do to prevent snow melt from getting inside.

“Having your ice melter in a bucket ahead of time to clear the walks, having your sump pump ready to go if you need it. Make sure if you have one installed in the home it’s ready to go and it’s maintained,” Miller said.

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Experts say it’s also a good idea to clear snow a few feet from your home, that way if it melts, no water will get in.

“Especially where the down spouts since we know the water is going to flood that way, and then clearing the down spouts if we’re able to. Making sure there’s not a build-up that’s stopping the water and bringing it back down to the house,” Miller said.

Minneapolis resident Brian Carter says he’s not worried about flooding because his home is on a hill. He’s more concerned about an unwanted ice rink on his front steps, so he picked out a roof rake.

“It’s good and bad, right? Because it’s gonna get rid of a lot of snow, but then if it freezes it’s just gonna be like skating,” Carter said.

Because of supply chain issues, Miller says it’s always a good idea to be proactive when it comes to your home.

“If you’ve got the water there and you’re scrambling, it’s better to have the things you need ready to go. And if you don’t need them, good. If you do, it’s great that you have them.”

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Settergren’s Hardware also suggests insulating your pipes to prevent them from freezing.

Kirsten Mitchell