By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A number of big cities’ plans for New Year’s Eve are in flux, and all of the COVID-related cancellations are causing concern for travelers.

If you’re flying and want to change or cancel a flight things are more complicated now compared to last year.

Before had a lot of flexibility. Now, it really depends on what kind of ticket you bought, according to Kyle Potter from Thrifty Traveller.

“Let’s say you’re getting ready to go for Christmas or a pre new years trip if you are flying on Delta or United adn you booked the cheapset basci economy fair you still will be able to cancel that and get a voucher when you are able to travel but with othe airlines and other fair types you may unfortunetly you may be out of luck,” Potter said.

Potter says you really need to read the fine print these days when you buy your ticket. He adds that international travel is even more complicated.

On a positive note, he says there are really good deals right now from the Twin Cities to locations like Orlando, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

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