By Kate Raddatz

Originally published Dec. 28, 2021

MINNETONKA BEACH, Minn. (WCCO) — A multimillion dollar mansion on Lake Minnetonka burned overnight, with flames shooting more than 30 feet into the air. Police are investigating the fire as a criminal matter.

The Orono Police Department was called to the 2900 block of Westwood Road around 11:45 p.m. Monday. Police called it a reported “mental health issue,” with the caller stating a house was on fire and someone had gas and candles.

(credit: CBS)

First responders found two people in the driveway when they arrived and took both to the hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening. They did not find anyone else inside the home. A dog may still be missing.

In total, it took crews about four hours to put out the flames. The scene was cleared early Tuesday morning.

According to public record, this is a $3.4 million lakefront home. It sits in a neighborhood directly next door to the Lafayette Club.

No neighboring homes were damaged.

‘It’s So Sad’

Neighbors reported that their power was cut off for several hours as crews battled the flames.

“The flames were shooting like 30 feet off the top of the house,” neighbor Eric Oppen said. “It was bright as day. It was pretty incredible.”

(credit: CBS)

Jessica Uchtman described the family that lives in the home as “wonderful people.”

“It’s so sad,” she said. “I just feel terrible for them.”

Kate Raddatz