MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This cold weather is good for some things, like making ice for fishing. But as WCCO found out, this year – it’s complicated.

While the temps are low enough for ice-making, the conditions aren’t as nice as they might seem.

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Jeff Heinrichs owns Ice Fishing Warriors, an icefishing cabin rental service on Lake Minnetonka.

“It is very deceiving, a lot of people will come out and think they can just drive wherever they want and they should be checking the ice wherever they go,” he said.

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He blames the lack of ice on the abundance of snow.

“It’s insulating and so that cold air is trying to get through that snow,” he said.

Heinrichs measured one snow-covered part of ice on Lake Minnetonka at 10 inches. Just feet away, in the area where the snow was plowed, the ice was 16 inches.

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Heinrichs says despite the deep cold, it’s important to check any ice before you venture out.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield