By John Lauritsen

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Offensive linemen aren’t supposed to catch touchdowns, right? Well, Tommy Doyle, an Edina native with the Buffalo Bills, made history in the NFL playoffs last weekend.

“Everyone is so passionate about the team and it was so cool to be there and see the energy of all the Buffalo fans,” said Claudia Doyle, Tommy’s sister.

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It’s safe to say that the Doyle family added to that energy. They traveled from Minnesota to Buffalo to watch the Bills play their rival — the New England Patriots — in the first round of the playoffs. Tommy Doyle is a rookie offensive tackle for the team.

“It was all just so cool and I think we were all feeling so proud and excited for Tommy,” Claudia Doyle said.

That excitement reached a new level in the fourth quarter when Tommy Doyle did something Claudia Doyle doesn’t remember him ever doing: he caught a touchdown. It was an element of surprise for both the Patriots and the Doyle family.

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“And then all of the sudden it was a second of maybe disbelief. Then it was like wait, was that my brother? Was that Tommy? We were all just so proud. Both my parents were there and they were just in tears. It was really, really cool,” Claudia Doyle said.

During the regular season, more than 1,400 touchdowns were scored in the NFL, but only seven of them were scored by offensive linemen. It’s tricky, the lineman has to report as an eligible receiver to the referee before the play and then of course they have to catch the ball. That was no problem for “Touchdown Tommy,” who helped the Bills rout the Patriots, 47-17.

“He is seriously just the hardest-working kid. He is so deserving of all of it. I think it’s cool that he gets to represent the Twin Cities even though it’s not for the Vikings. He’s still a good, old Minnesota guy,” Claudia Doyle said.

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The Buffalo Bills take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round on Sunday. That game can be seen on WCCO-TV with kick-off set for 5:30 p.m.

John Lauritsen