By WCCO-TV Staff

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesotans are pretty proud of their 10,000 lakes. So when a new one popped up in Minneapolis, it got people talking.

The new body of water, dubbed “Lake Chipotle,” is actually more of a parking lot puddle near Hennepin Avenue and 26th Street in front of a Chipotle restaurant

A “SLOW – No Wake Zone” sign is posted nearby. Uptown resident Joey Sansa says the lake has become a staple of the area.

“It’s been here for a couple of years, yeah, it’s kind of an attraction,” Sansa said.

The lake even has its own website. It’s also on social media, and on Google Maps. You can even catch the occasional paddle boarder on its waters.

A number of people told WCCO we had come to Lake Chipotle on an off day, and that it’s a lot smaller right now, and it sometimes can cover a large part of the parking lot.

(credit: CBS)

“Sometimes it’s even worse when it’s rained or snowed, so usually I have to go around it,” Sansa said.

And when it gets really cold, Chipotle employee and Louisiana native Elavontay Patterson says he even breaks out his ice skates.

“For sure, I was on there skating. I liked it, it was cool,” Patterson said.

Chipotle customer Amy Cruz disagrees.

“It’s definitely something that needs to go. I drive by it once a week, and I don’t know, sometimes it’s closed and they have everybody parking out here,” Cruz said.

But the mystery manager of the lake’s own website, who goes by the name “Father Hennepin,” emailed WCCO with this statement: “As we exit a long winter, we encourage everyone to go out for a walk, or hop on the bike and find the Lake Chipotles in their community!”

The City of Minneapolis tells WCCO that the parking lot situation is the responsibility of the property’s owner.