MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis City Council members are on alert after an apparent bomb threat.

In a copy of an email obtained by WCCO Monday night, a man claims that bombs will be placed around certain council members’ homes. The person also alleges they have an AR-15 and a pistol. They went on to list a few of the council members’ home addresses, but said any one of the 12 people could be a target.

The FBI said it is aware of the information and coordinating with the Minneapolis Police Department.

“Each and every potential threat brought to our attention is taken seriously,” the FBI said.

City Council President Andrea Jenkins released this statement about the threats Tuesday evening: “These types of threats are disturbing for Minneapolis politics and the state of politics generally; and must be taken seriously as I have been stating for many years. They also have a chilling effect on good, fair-minded people seeking public office. I hope the proper authorities continue to investigate and the perpetrator is held accountable.”

Police say extra security has been offered to council members, though it’s not clear if any have utilized the department’s help.