By WCCO-TV Staff

Originally published on April 30. Video is from an April 1 web extra.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Officials with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources say that one of the chicks in the popular EagleCam nest died Saturday after being pushed out of the nest by its older sibling.

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In a statement, the DNR says that the incident happened around 1 p.m. and that the chick fell roughly 75 feet. Officials found the young eagle on its head but alive. They brought it to The Raptor Center in Falcon Heights for emergency treatment.

During an exam, veterinarians noted that blood was coming from the bird’s nares, or nostrils, and that it likely suffered internal trauma. Later, the doctors determined that the chick had suffered a wing fracture, one that could not be treated with surgery nor left alone, as it could heal in a way as to cause chronic pain.

Due to the dire prognosis, the bird was euthanized, officials say. The other chick remains alive in the nest.

The DNR’s EagleCam is a livestream focused on an eagle nest in the Twin Cities. The exact location of the nest is kept secret.