By Lisa Meadows

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — WCCO meteorologist Lisa Meadows has your recap of last month’s weather and what is in store for this month.

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April: Cold, Wet & Windy

No shocker: Last month was cooler than average, with only five days that had temperatures above average. Overall, the month ended up averaging about 6 degrees below average.

It was also wetter than average. There was almost 4 inches of total rainfall in the Twin Cities, which is more than an inch above average.

Lastly, April was very windy, too.

May: More Of The Same?

For the upper midwest, cooler than average temperatures continue to trend into May.

“This is indicative of what we call a La Niña weather pattern,” Meadows said, noting the long-range forecast for the summer. “We are leaning more on the cooler side of things.”

In regards to precipitation, May also looks to show signs of being wetter than average.

Despite the wet outlook, there will be some dry time this week and temperatures in the 60s possible in the Twin Cities by mid-week.

Lisa Meadows