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After Pressure, Twitter Suspends Conspiracy Theorist Alex JonesTwitter is joining other prominent tech companies in muzzling Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist who's used the tech services to spread false information.
Parkland Students Begin School Year, With Tightened SecurityStudents at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School returned to a more secure campus on Wednesday as they began their first new school year since a gunman killed 17 people in the freshman building. But some say they still won't feel protected despite $6.5 million in security enhancements, including 18 safety monitors, new classroom locks and upgraded video surveillance.
Wisconsin Dems' Hope To Beat Walker Is A Former TeacherTony Evers will try to capitalize on his even-keeled demeanor and background in education as a former teacher, superintendent and now state schools chief to do something no Democrat has been able to achieve in 28 years: beat Scott Walker.
Sheriff: Scuba Diver Dies In Washington CountyThe Washington County Sheriff’s Office says a 51-year-old man died in a scuba diving incident Tuesday.
Pres. Trump Congratulates Jeff Johnson, Pete Stauber After Primary WinsPresident Donald Trump says two Minnesota republicans have his “complete and total endorsement” after winning their primaries Tuesday night.
Report: Priests Molested 1,000 Children In PennsylvaniaA priest raped a 7-year-old girl while he was visiting her in the hospital after she'd had her tonsils removed. Another priest forced a 9-year-old boy into having oral sex, then rinsed out the boy's mouth with holy water. One boy was forced to say confession to the priest who sexually abused him.