Limited Edition Vikings-Themed Nikes Available This WeekA limited edition Minnesota Vikings shoe comes out this week.
Wide Swath Of Hail Damage Attracts Swarms Of ContractorsHiring out-of-state companies to do your hail damage repairs can be risky.
How The Hands-Free Law May Affect Your Car Insurance PremiumIt’ll take a year or two for the data to show and the prices to adjust accordingly. However, the financial stakes are high for people who choose to break the law.
What To Buy To Comply With Minnesota's New Hands-Free LawWith Minnesota’s new hands-free law comes a bump in sales for Best Buy’s tech accessories, according to a spokesperson. There are dozens of choices for drivers who want to stay connected safely and legally, ranging from Bluetooth headsets to car mounts to in-car systems.
Sleep Quality Tops List For Hotel Guests' SatisfactionA year-long J.D. Power study found that guests ranked sleep quality as one of the most important aspects of their stay.
Costs Rising To Recharge Freon In Your A/C UnitStarting in January, the EPA is banning the production of R-22 gas, which is known as Freon.
No One Wants The Middle Seat On Airplanes, But This Design Could Change That"It's still going to suck," Hank Scott, the founder and CEO of Molon Labe Seating, told CNN. "Now it's going to suck less."
Tips To Save Money On Energy Bills During Hot WeatherIt's one of the highest energy days of the season for Xcel Energy. But there are some simple ways to make sure your home pulls less from the power grid.
Phil's Tara Hideaway: Turning An Old Roadhouse Into A Stillwater StapleWhere Minnesota Highway 36 meets the St. Croix River, and Minnesota meets Wisconsin, an old log cabin restaurant has stood the test of time.
1 In 3 Home Improvements Made To Keep Up With Neighbors, Survey FindsAlso, 42 percent said there's still competition with neighbors to have the best house on the street.
Complaints: CenturyLink Failed To Respond To Cable MarkingState law requires property owners and professional contractors to notify the Office of Pipeline Safety before digging.
App That Gives Users 'Elderly' Selfies Under Scrutiny Over SecurityThe app developer is based in St. Petersburg, Russia, and that has many worried about where their data is going.
Metro Transit: Green Line Service Resumes In MinneapolisMetro Transit officials say Green Line service in Minneapolis has resumed after a reported mudslide Wednesday.
'It's Time For Them To Get Their Act Together': Company Fined Over Pollution-Control EquipmentA Twin Cities plant that released a toxic chemical into the air for years faces new fines.
St. Paul College Placed On Probation By Accrediting AgencySt. Paul College's accrediting agency has placed the school on probation.