Finding Minnesota: Meet The 'Geezers' Of Hyland Hills' Ski PatrolAndrews has had a longer run than anyone at Hyland Hills. He’s in his 49th year. That’s saying something considering a number of these patrollers have been working together for three decades or more.
Litchfield Horse Rambo Passes Away At 35 Years Old, Or 122 In Horse YearsThe life expectancy for horses is between 20 and 25 years. But a horse near Litchfield just passed away at the ripe, old age of 35.
One Of Nation's Largest Reindeer Farms Happens To Be Near MankatoInstead of Donner and Blitzen, you’ll find Sweetie and Lolly and about 30 other reindeer at the farm.
St. Paul's Center For Lost Objects Offers Lessons In 'Upcycling'A St. Paul artist is embracing the unusual during an unusual year.
Finding Minnesota: Franke's Bakery Makes Montgomery The Kolacky Capital Of The WorldIt's that time of year when your baking skills can either rise up or crumble like a sugar cookie. But in the town of Montgomery, more than 100 years of kolacky practice have allowed one family to get it just right.
Finding Minnesota: Art Bench Trail Unites Two Sides Across The St. Croix RiverWater is a common bond for cities and communities along the St. Croix River.
Pastor Of Oldest Black Baptist Church In Minnesota Reflects On Using Faith To Strengthen The Past And PresentDuring a year focused on social justice, a St. Paul church is celebrating its proud history. Pilgrim Baptist Church is the oldest Black church in Minnesota, and one of the oldest in the Midwest.
Mankato Artist Eduardo Ek Turns Silver Into 'Viking Bullion' TreasuresIf 2020 has taught us anything, we occasionally need a getaway from reality -- and Mankato artist Eduardo Ek has certainly found his happy place.
'Prince The Tour': A One-Of-A-Kind Experience To Learn About Minnesota's Greatest MusicianYou know about Prince, First Avenue, Paisley Park, and Purple Rain but what about where it all began? In this week’s Finding Minnesota John Lauritsen went on a one-of-a-kind tour to learn about the lesser-known parts of Prince’s life.
Why Do Owl-Lovers Across The Country Travel To A Small Southern Minnesota Town?From barred owls to barn owls, the International Owl Center is a sort of school for people who give a hoot about these birds.
Need An Escape? Fly The Friendly Skies With No Engine And Only Calm And SerenityDuring World War II, President Roosevelt called the president of Carleton College to see if the school would help with pilot training. That’s how Stanton Airfield was born.
Finding Minnesota: Kinney, The Town That Seceded From The UnionAs we get closer to the election, politicians are doing what they can to get your vote. But over 40 years ago, a mayor in the northern Minnesota town of Kinney did what she could to get her city a new water system. That meant seceding from the union.
See The Minnesota Peak So Majestic, Sinclair Lewis Wrote Its PraisesAt the top of the quarter-mile hike is the appropriately-named Inspiration Peak, a beauty that only a glacier could make. It's more than 1,700 feet above sea level, and the panoramic view allows you to see for miles, even into other counties.
Tourists Flocking To Southeastern Minnesota's 'Barn Quilt Country'Houston County is designated as “The Heart of Quilt Country.” Not just because of cloth quilts, but rather quilts made out of paint.
Finding Minnesota: Grandpa Rudy's Little Western Town Gives The Old West A New TouchGrandpa Rudy’s Little Western Town was built by a creative man with a vision.