What Is Ragweed & What's It Doing To Us?People who suffer from ragweed allergies shouldn’t be surprised to feel a stuffy nose or watery eyes. Doctors say mid-August is the beginning of ragweed season.
Where Does Minnesota State Fair Revenue Go?In 2018, the fair brought in $57.3 million.
Good Question: What Has Been Invented In Minnesota?Most Minnesotans know Post-It notes, the pacemaker and SPAM were invented in Minnesota, but what about the snowmobile, cortisone and the automatic thermostat? Those are all creations showcased right now at the Minnesota Science Museum exhibit celebrating our state’s inventions.
What Are The Rules For Dogs Eating And Drinking Out?It is topic that only gets more popular as the weather heats up: Should dogs be allowed at bars and restaurants?
Where Is Food Sold At Farmers Markets Grown?"It's strictly local," says David Kotsonas, director of the St. Paul Growers Association. "If you're selling produce, then you grew the produce and you did so in and around the metro area."
What Causes Hail To Get So Big?Some Delano residents saw 4-inch, or softball-sized hail during Monday's storm – and that's only happened a few dozen times in Minnesota over the past 70 years.
Do Video Games Trigger Violent Crimes?In the wake of this weekend's massacres, video games have become a frequent target for politicians.
How Does The National Weather Service Rate Tornadoes?Their goal is to measure the strength and size of the twisters, not just for archival and historical purposes, but to monitor climate issues as well.
How Much Water Do We Use In The Twin Cities?Every day, people in the seven-county metro area use 1.3 billion gallons of water. That’s the equivalent of sixty fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.
What Is The History Behind Minnesota's Somali-American Community?Our state has the country's largest Somali-American population – 69,000 people. That's about 40% of everyone reporting Somali ancestry in the United States and more than four times the Somali-American population of the next largest state, Ohio.
Good Question: How Are Kids' Sports Physicals Different From Regular Ones?Doctors recommend all children get an annual physical, but the Minnesota Sports High School League requires a more intensive sports physical every three years.