Why Is Minnesota The Gopher State?Goldy is the mascot of the University of Minnesota. Fairchild the Gopher is the face of the Minnesota State Fair. And, since its inception, Minnesota has been known as the Gopher State. So, why is the gopher Minnesota's state mascot?
How Do Leaves Know When It's Time To Change Colors?Experts at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources predict a beautiful display of fall colors across most of Minnesota.
Good Question: Why Does Bert Blyleven 'Circle' People?In honor of Twins legend Bert Blyleven calling his final game Wednesday, we rediscovered this classic edition of Good Question from 2011.
How Is The Housing Market Doing So Well During The Pandemic?As the United States economy experienced its worst quarter on record, the housing market continues to boom.
Why Do Spring Temperatures And Fall Temperatures Feel So Different?To some, it’s psychological. But, there’s also something physiologically happening in the body.
What Can We Do To Help Process Everything That Has Happened This Year?These past few months have been challenging for most everyone. From COVID-19, to job losses, to police shootings to racism – people are having intense feelings of anger, frustration and hurt. So, what can we do with these feelings? Good Question.
A Look At Minnesota's Role In The 19th AmendmentIt was 62 years between when Minnesota became a state, and the country said the right to vote shall not be denied on account of sex.
When Is The Best Time To Get A Flu Shot?Centers for Disease Control chief Robert Redfield says there’s big concern about what could happen as flu season coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Good Question: Why Are Hailstones Different Sizes? Many of you ended up with dents in your cars and roofs. Reports on hail range from hail the size of a pea to the size of a tennis ball, or even bigger.
What Are Those Slimy Blob Creatures Found In Lakes? Good QuestionTwo weeks ago, Trevor Clayton and his girlfriend were walking near Lake Hiawatha. They sat down on a log nearby the shore and saw what looked like a “shiny alien” sitting in shallow water.
What Do We Know About COVID-19 And Vehicles?We're trying our best to stay away from each other. But as some kids head back into school and activities, they're gathering on buses and in carpools.
How Long Do Crickets Chirp?Starting in late July, Minnesotans started to hear summer symphonies from insects. Some say it feels like summer, while others find it simply annoying.
Why Didn't Minneapolis, St. Paul Ever Become One City?St. Paul become a city in 1854. For Minneapolis, it was 1867. More than 150 years, later the Twin Cities are two distinct places.
With High School Football Season Pushed To Spring, What Will Field Conditions Be Like?The Minnesota State High School League has moved the fall football season to spring -- a time when winter can linger long enough to create a new set of outdoor challenges.
What Makes A Good Vice Presidential Pick? Walter Mondale Answers"So who should it be? Toughest question in the world," said former Vice President Walter Mondale.