What's The Risk Of Getting COVID On A Plane?MSP airport expects more traffic this month for spring break than it's seen since the pandemic started.
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Where Does Minnesota's Power Come From?Minnesota's biggest electric utilities - Xcel Energy and Minnesota Power - have pledged to go carbon-free by 2050.
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What Will Our Kids' Post-Pandemic Immune Systems Be Like?Once we're beyond the pandemic, what happens to our immune systems? Will it affect how often our kids get sick? Dr. Gigi Chawla, head of general pediatrics at Children's Minnesota, answers these Good Questions.
Why Do People Eat Fish On Fridays During Lent?Catholics typically give up meat once a week, a tradition that's made fish fries part of our culture.
How Historic Is This Winter Weather Event?Record-breaking cold and living life below zero is nothing new in the Bold North. But our extreme conditions also took a trip down south and nearly spread from coast to coast.
How Are Kids Tested In COVID Vaccine Trials? When Might They Get The Vaccine?Since December, some Minnesota teenagers have been given Moderna's COVID vaccine at a medical office in Minneapolis.
What Is The Ideal At-Home Temperature Right Now?Our furnaces are getting their money's worth this week as temperatures hover around or well below zero degrees.
How Does Black Ice Form In Subzero Temperatures?Just a little snow caused more than 300 crashes Monday morning and more than 60 drivers spun out according to Minnesota State Patrol. The main problem: Black ice.
How Much Do We Owe In Student Debt? And How Did We Get Here?Many Americans feel the burden of student debt. According the Federal Reserve Bank, it now totals $1.6 trillion. That’s behind mortgages, but ahead of total credit cards debt and car loans in the U.S.
Are We Not Using Our Masks Correctly?Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm says wearing your face mask under your nose is "like fixing three of the five screen doors on your submarine."
What’s The Impact Of Having A Mild Winter?“In any given winter, we have about 23 nights that are at or below zero degrees [in the Twin Cities]. We've had two so far this year. We didn't even get below zero in January,” DNR climatologist Pete Boulay said.
What Are The Costs And Benefits Of Electric Vehicles?On Thursday, General Motors announced a plan to phase out gas-burning vehicles and replace its fleet with electric burning cars, SUVs and trucks by 2035.