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How Do Ventilators Work?“The ventilator works to provide extra oxygen to people who need it and it allows the patients to exhale so that the carbon dioxide can be removed from the body."
How Does The State Determine Which Businesses Are Essential?78% of Minnesota jobs are in critical industries, like public works, energy, financial services, teachers and much more.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: How Soaps, Disinfectants Kill COVID-19For all the difficulty this novel coronavirus has given us, coronaviruses themselves are relatively easy to kill.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: How To Find Inner Peace In 'A Time Of Dread'"Trying to find joy in the smallest moments in a time of dread is I think what will keep us sane."
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Can We Predict The State's COVID-19 Future?As of Thursday, Minnesota has 89 confirmed cases of COVID-19 – that’s just a small fraction of the more than 5200 confirmed cases in New York State. So, what does that mean for Minnesota? Good Question.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Answering Your Questions About Bills, Responsibilities, And Deadlines That Don't StopAs Minnesotans continue to social distance, everyone is experiencing basic disruptions to their lives. So many WCCO viewers have sent in Good Questions about the bills, responsibilities and deadlines that don’t stop.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Experts Answer A Variety Of Common Questions About COVID-19We asked three infectious diseases experts in the Twin Cities to give us their advice on some of the biggest concerns surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19).
What Does Coronavirus (COVID-19) Do To Our Bodies?The majority of people recover without medical assistance from COVID-19. Those people often don’t suffer lung damage and their white blood cells can eat up the virus.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Is 'Social Distancing' Key To Slowing The Spread?Infectious disease specialist Dr. Mark Sannes says what we do now will help determine what happens in the future.
How Much Protein Do We Really Need?Many of the trendiest diets right now are all about protein, and food companies are paying attention.
Good Question: How Does The Minnesota Department Of Health Investigate COVID-19?The first step is to contact the health care providers so they can call the patient. But also so a team of MDH investigators can figure out the exposure risk for any doctors, nurses or lab staff.
Do Cleaning Products Work Against The Coronavirus?Over the past week, people across the country have bought up cleaning supplies and disinfectants.
How Do They Conduct Tests In Minnesota For Coronavirus (COVID-19)?Once it’s determined a specific patient should be tested, the sample often arrives to the St. Paul laboratory via courier who is certified to handle biological samples.
How Do They Count Ballots In Elections? How Are Results Available So Fast?Each county has a slightly different method of counting, but there is a general flow. In most cases, the votes move from the precinct to the counties to the Secretary of State’s office.