What Is The Timeline For Choosing A U.S. President? Good QuestionFor decades, there has been intense political debate about how Americans elect the President.  It’s done by the Electoral College, which was established in Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.
What Is 'COVID Fatigue' And How Do We Overcome It? Good QuestionIt's been more than 200 days since Minnesota schools first closed due to COVID.  As winter approaches and cases rise, health officials warn the effects of the pandemic are wearing on us.
How Are Absentee Ballots Counted?The Minnesota Secretary of State is reporting that more than 900,000 Minnesotans have already cast their ballots.
Does October Snow Tell Us Anything About The Upcoming Winter? Good QuestionOn Tuesday, the Twin Cities is expecting its first measurable snowfall for the season -- that’s early. So, can the October snow tell us anything about the upcoming winter?
What Do Experts Know About The Flu And COVID-19? Good QuestionAs Minnesota heads into flu season, experts say getting sick could be more complicated as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on. So, what do experts know about both viruses? Good Question.
Is It ‘Fall’ Or ‘Autumn’? And How Did The Seasons Get Their Names Anyway?We deserve this week’s warm-up after the cold start to fall -- or do you say "autumn?"
Why Is Minnesota's Fall Color Explosion Happening So Early This Year?Minnesota's trees are extra stressed this season -- which is a good thing for impatient fall color enthusiasts.
A Brief History Of The 'Homer Hanky'Just because we won't see fans with Homer Hankies on TV this postseason doesn't mean they won't be swirling around!
Do Presidential Debates Persuade Voters?This election year, many people have already committed to a candidate. Some have even voted before the first debate will air.
How Did The 'Fans In The Stands' Cut-Outs Become A Thing? Good QuestionThis Sunday, the Vikings will take on the Titans at U.S. Bank Stadium. while there will no fans in the stands, there will be giant pictures of the Vikings faithful. So, what’s the story behind the cut-outs? Good Question.
Everything You Need To Know About Early Voting In MinnesotaEarly voting in Minnesota started on September 18 and that’s brought in many Good Questions.
What Does The Smoky Haze From The Wildfires Mean For Minnesota? Good QuestionThere has been a haze over Minnesota skies this week coming from the wildfires more than 1500 miles to the west. So, what does this smoky air mean for Minnesota? Good Question.
What Are Common Mistakes With Mail-In Ballots?While the vast majority of Minnesotans have historically had no problems with casting their ballots through the mail, 2% of the absentee ballots in the August primary were rejected at first.
Where Do Voters Seeking To Vote Absentee This Year Start The Process?The first thing to do is get an application. The easiest way to do that is by going to the Secretary of State’s website. There, a voter can fill out an absentee application.
Why Are Misleading Campaign Ads Allowed On TV?We are still 53 days from the election, but political TV commercials already fill the airwaves. Like in past campaigns, some of the ones currently running on air can stretch the truth.