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Why Does The Heat Make Us Feel Crummy? Good QuestionWe know it's been toasty this summer. According to the MN State Climatology Office, last month was in the top-10 for hottest Junes in Minnesota. So, why does the heat make us feel crummy? Good Question.
How Does Racism Impact Health?Even before NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center began testing for COVID-19 in mid-April, CEO Stella Whitney-West knew the impact of the virus would be personal.
Where Exactly Is 'Up North' In Minnesota?There are as many answers to this Good Question as there are lakes in Minnesota. When WCCO asked people on the streets of downtown Minneapolis, the answers ranged from "Duluth" to "Bemidji" to "the reservation" to "anywhere past North Branch."
The 'Minnesota Paradox': Why The State Has One Of The Largest Racial DisparitiesSurvey after survey has told us Minnesota is a great place to live. The data shows that to be true for White people, but it’s a different story for Black Minnesotans.
How Much Do Students Lose During The 'Summer Slide'?On average, children lose one-month of school learning over the summer. The declines are larger in math compared to reading and the losses are higher as children get older.
Systemic Racism: The Unequal Playing Field That Continues To Plague AmericaSystemic racism has been discussed for years -- but now most Americans are just recognizing the impact it has on almost every aspect of our society.
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The Do's And Don'ts Of Face Masks, Including How Best To Clean ThemThis spring, doctors started recommending we wear face masks in public to slow the spread of COVID-19. And now nearly 70% of Americans say they do.
What's The Summer Guide To Staying Safe Amid COVID-19? Good QuestionWe all know there's something special about Minnesota summer's -- from the boat rides, the bonfires to the hours and hours of swimming. A lot of you have reached out on how we can still do all these things this year but stay safe.
What Does The Average COVID-19 Patient Look Like?The face behind Minnesota’s COVID-19 numbers are diverse. They are wide range ages, races, ethnicities, counties and routes of transmission.
Are This Year's Gnats Worse Than In The Past?The good news is there's no evidence they can spread COVID-19. The bad news is it’s not clear when they’ll go away.
What's The Status Of COVID-19 Testing In Minnesota?For months, we heard there weren't enough COVID-19 tests to go around. Now, health officials think people aren't getting the new message, those with symptoms can, and should, get tested.
What Does The Future Of Work Look Like Post-Coronavirus?According to a survey, 77% of workers report working-from-home. It's a shift that didn't come by choice, but experts say it's forcing companies to take a look what it means for the future.
How Does Contact Tracing Work?According to the MN Department of Health, there’s no law requiring a case to give the names of their contacts, but most cases give this information.