How Do Companies Know Consumers So Well?It seems to happen every day. Netflix recommends someone watch its new show, Target emails about patio furniture or a banner ad pops up for shoes similar to those a customer just bought.
Where Does Minnesota Lottery Revenue Go?In 2018, Minnesotans bought $596 million worth of lottery tickets.
Who Needs A Measles Vaccine?The measles outbreak just topped 700 cases, making it the worst in 25 years.
What's The Difference Between Winter, Summer Gas Blends?Over past weeks, we've seen gas prices jump about 15 cents. In Minnesota, prices went from $2.62 to $2.79 since April 7, which is normal this time of year. Part of that jump comes from the annual switch to a different kind of gas.
How Does GoFundMe Work?Since GoFundMe started in 2010, people have given each other more than $5 billion.
What Makes Up Our Carbon Footprint?Monday is Earth Day, an international day to focus on the environment. Climate experts say our carbon footprint – the greenhouse gases we create – plays a big role in the warming of our planet.
Why Is There Still A Shingrix Shortage?The shingles virus can cause a painful rash that no one wants. That is a big reason why a new vaccine called Shingrix has been so popular. But since last summer, that vaccine has been in limited supply.
How Can You Pair A Smartphone With An Older Car?To go hands-free, the central idea is to use the one touch the law allows to activate the voice function on the phone.
How Common Are Big Snow Events In April?On paper, April is far from the Twin Cities’ snowiest month. The average snowfall is 2.4 inches.
Will April Snowstorm Make Minnesota Flooding Worse?This week's snow and rain could drop six to 12 inches of water on the ground.
What Is The Economic Impact Of The Final Four?Now that the games are over, it'll take a little time to calculate all the money visitors spent, but the host committee has an idea of what to expect.
What Happens To Final Four Courts After The Championship?Every year, the winning team gets the first crack at buying an everlasting reminder of a game well-played. In recent history, most schools have taken up the floor's manufacturer on that offer.
How Has Minneapolis Changed Since The Last Final Four?For some basketball fans, this weekend could be their first trip back to Minneapolis in 18 years. So how has the city changed?
How Do They Divvy Up Final Four Tickets?According to the NCAA, half are given to the general public, which is the largest allocation of tickets to the general public of any national sporting event.
How Much Money Do Schools Get From The NCAA Tournament?This year, the NCAA will bring in more than $1 billion from the March Madness tournament.