With Candidates Dropping Out, Does My Early Vote Still Count?State law does allow Minnesotans to claw back their absentee votes, but the deadline for that was February 25th.
Does Listening To An Audiobook Count As Reading?According to the St. Paul Library system, audio books are checked out more often than traditional books.
Good Questions: Busting Coronavirus MythsSeveral WCCO viewers have sent in Good Questions about the new coronavirus. Here’s what the experts have to say.
What Causes Back Pain? And How Can One Minimize It?According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain will happen to 80-percent of people in their lifetimes.
What Do Travelers Need To Know Before Taking Trips In The Midst Of The Coronavirus Outbreak?While the spring breaks of Americans likely won’t include any travel to China, the coronavirus has now spread to at least 30 countries, including the United States.
What Are The Biggest Mistakes People Are Making With REAL ID Applications?If you’re thinking about getting the REAL ID, you might have heard some horror stories. So, what are the biggest mistakes people are making with their REAL ID application documentation? Good question.
How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?Health experts say you are OK with caffeine up to about 400 milligrams. That's 10 cans of soda, or two 16-ounce cups of coffee, or two-and-a-half cans of energy drink.
Where Does The Heart Symbol Come From?From boxes of chocolates to three dozen emojis, it's an iconic symbol of love: the heart.
Good Question: What Exactly Are Artificial Flavors?In simple terms, a natural flavor must come from a natural product -- like fruit, vegetables, roots or meats.
How Does A Virus Start?Fear of the coronavirus has spread around the world, but this is hardly the first time there have been new, deadly infections. So Roger from Hudson wanted to know: How does a virus start? Good Question.
How Safe Are Helicopters?What caused the helicopter crash that killed basketball legend Kobe Bryant and eight others remains a mystery Monday.
What Is The Minneapolis Sound? Good Question“The Minneapolis Sounds is completely unique and distinctive and different from the norm,” says L.A. Buckner, a musician, teaching artist and co-host of PBS Sound Field. “With Prince, it revolutionized pop.”
How Much Do Minnesotans Volunteer?In 2017, 30% of Americans reported volunteering through an organization, 43% say they helped friends and family, while 51% reported doing favors for their neighbors.
How Well Do Solar Panels Work In The Snow?The Twin Cities is equivalent to Houston or Tallahassee when it comes to available sunlight. That’s less than Phoenix or Denver, but more than Germany, one of the world’s solar leaders.
Why Are All Of Our Sports Teams Named After The State?Minnesota is the only place in the country where all of its professional sports teams are named after states, rather than cities. So, how did that happen? Good Question.