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Reality Check: New GOP Ads Target Minnesota Rep. Angie CraigMinnesota Democrat Angie Craig went to Congress in 2018 by flipping the district President Donald Trump won in 2016 from red to blue. Now, a new GOP ad claims Craig "broke her promise" by focusing on investigating the president instead of issues like prescription drugs and infrastructure.
What's The History Behind U.S. Relations With Ukraine?For the past week and half, Ukraine has been all over the airwaves. The eastern European county has become the center of an American political scandal.
What Is Asperger's Syndrome?However you felt about Greta Thunberg's speech on climate change at the United Nations, you could feel the passion in her voice. She credits part of strong activism to her Asperger’s diagnosis -- something she calls her superpower.
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What Causes Gas Prices To Rise?Experts believe the weekend attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia could cause gas prices to jump 10 to 25 cents over the next few weeks.