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FDA Proposes New Regulations Limiting E-Cig Sales To MinorsClearway Minnesota estimates there has been a 50 percent increase of e-cigarettes used by minors since 2014.
Study: Yoga Holds Promise To Help People Feel Better About Their BodiesA new study led by a University of Minnesota researcher suggests that practicing yoga holds promise for helping those with a negative body image feel better about themselves.
Dayton Remains At Mayo A Month After Back SurgeryDayton had an initial surgery on Oct. 12 and underwent a second procedure several days later.
What’s The Best Way To Avoid Dry Skin?Have you noticed yourself reaching for moisturizer more often these past two weeks? Dry, winter air came early this year, and so did itchy skin. "Cold air has less moisture in it and the air is basically sucking the moisture out of our skin," said dermatologist Dr. Karla Rosenman. “It’s evaporating, and so that's one of the reasons why moisturizing helps a lot. Moisturizing is a sealant, so you're putting a layer of sealant on your skin and it blocks the path of evaporation.”
How To Avoid Salmonella In Your Thanksgiving TurkeyWith Thanksgiving a week away, health officials are warning people to properly handle and cook their holiday birds.
'I'm Not Going To Sleep At Night In Fear': Norm Coleman Discusses Cancer BattleFormer Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman has cancer again. This time, it's in its most advanced stage, but he is remarkably upbeat describing it. But he's fighting it head-on. For 35 years, Coleman was committed to public service. Now, the former lawmaker sees his condition as a new way to contribute.
Lying Awake At Night? Tips To Improve Your SleepOne's environment is important for optimal sleep. The temperature should be set between 63 and 68 degrees, and the room should be dark and quiet.
Discussing Mental Health After Massing TragedyEarly warning signs include nightmares, disrupted appetite, emotional changes and changes in relationships and behavior.
Compulsive Sexual Behavior Higher In Women Than Thought, Researchers SayThe study found that 7 percent of women reported significant levels of distress or social impairment from the difficulty they had controlling their sexual feelings or urges.
Anti-Abortion, Abortion Rights Supporters Rally In St. PaulAnti-abortion and abortion rights supporters gathered outside the Planned Parenthood on University Avenue in St. Paul Sunday afternoon.
Enrollment Opens For Minn. Health Insurance MarketplaceEnrollment is open for Minnesota's health insurance marketplace.
Chief Arradondo Making Officer Wellness A Priority For MPDThe Minneapolis Police Department now has a robust peer support team to make sure officers are not dealing with trauma alone.