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Gov. Walz Announces More Medical Help For Hospitals Strapped By COVID-19The budget recommendations for the upcoming legislative session focus on investing in local jobs and projects, expanding economic opportunity and supporting children and families.
COVID In Minnesota: 43 Deaths, Including 1 Inmate Fatality, Reported FridayThe state's average positivity rate continues its slight decline, as health officials report 14,565 new cases of COVID-19 and 43 deaths.
COVID In Minnesota: 57 More Deaths Added To State's Toll; Positivity Still Inching DownThe state's rolling average positivity rate currently stands at 22.7% as of the latest reports, a shade below the recent peak of 23.7%, which was also the highest figure ever seen in the state of Minnesota since the start of the pandemic.
Minnesota To Distribute 2.1 Million Free KN95 MasksNearly a third of the masks -- 650,000 -- will go to local public health agencies, while another 550,000 will go to schools, the governor's office said.
Judge Hears Arguments In COVID Mandate Lawsuit By Minneapolis Restaurants Against CityLawyers representing several Minneapolis establishments, including Smack Shack and the Gay 90s, asked a judge Wednesday to issue a restraining order preventing the city from enforcing the proof of vaccination requirement.
More Wastewater Data Shows The Twin Cities Is Past Peak Omicron More data suggests that the Twin Cities has already hit its peak for COVID-19 infections linked to the Omicron variant.
Minneapolis Public Schools Preps To Return To In-Person Learning Next Week Minneapolis Public Schools is preparing to go back to in-person learning next week.
COVID In Minnesota: Average Positivity Rate Dips, 52 Deaths ReportedHealth data in Minnesota shows the COVID-19 positivity rate is dipping slightly to 22.9% as of last week.
Does Cold Weather Affect COVID Test Kits And Results?Free rapid antigen test kits from the federal government are supposed to be stored between 36 degrees and 86 degrees.
St. Cloud City Council Rejects Mask MandateThe city of St. Cloud has rejected a proposed mask mandate.
Patient's Miraculous Rebound From COVID Brings Hope To ICU Nurse“It just seems to be this cycle that never ends, and then I see his face and maybe I do light up because him and his story is so uplifting,” ICU nurse Dawn Lenn said.
Wisconsin Assembly To Vote On Banning Vaccine 'Passports'Both measures would face a likely veto from Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. The governor last year vetoed a GOP bill that would have barred public health officials from requiring people get vaccinated.