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Ilhan Omar Introduces Job Guarantee Program Bill Rep. Ilhan Omar announced Thursday a bill to provide jobs to Americans in areas suffering from high unemployment.
Charter Commission Wants More Input On Plan To Dismantle Minneapolis PoliceA Minneapolis city board wants more input before making its decision about an amendment to dismantle the police.
Minnesota Lawmakers Given More Than $1 Million In Per Diem Payments In 2020 SessionThat's an average of $6,362 per lawmaker, or $449 extra per week on the paycheck -- for a session in which some of the biggest items were left undone.
Pharmaceutical Industry Suing To Overturn Minnesota's Insulin Affordability ActThe drug industry is suing to overturn a Minnesota law that took effect Wednesday that requires them to provide emergency and longer-term insulin supplies to diabetics who can't afford them.
Dems Object To GOP-Led Inquiry Into Riot Damages, Says Oversight Committee Lacks DiversityThe hearing began with a skirmish between the Republican chair and Lakeville DFL Sen. Matt Little, who gave up his seat to a fellow Democrat who represents the looted area.
'Very Serious Criminal Activity': Minnesota Senate GOP Spotlights Damage After George Floyd's DeathThe Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate opened hearings Wednesday on the unrest that rocked the state after the death of George Floyd, focusing on the destruction rather than the underlying issues of racism and policing on which Democrats have concentrated.
Little Evidence That Protests After George Floyd's Death Spread CoronavirusIf the protests had driven an explosion in cases, experts say, the jumps would have started to become apparent within two weeks — and perhaps as early as five days.
Calhoun Beach Club Apartments To Drop The Calhoun NameThe Aimco, which owns the building, says it’s removing the name as a show of solidarity with the local community. The building’s new name has yet to be announced.
Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act Goes Into Effect This WeekMinnesota diabetics who need emergency insulin supplies but can't afford them will be able to get the drug starting Wednesday under a new state law.