Minnesota's COVID-19 Jobs Crisis: A Reality CheckGov. Walz has loosened some of the COVID-19 restrictions that have shut down businesses for months. That's some good news -- but it may not be enough to ease massive unemployment around the state.
Reality Check: Who In Minnesota Hoarded An Unproven Coronavirus Drug?New data shows first time prescriptions for hydroxy-chloroquine unexpectedly jumped on March 19. The same day President Trump began calling it a possible "miracle drug" against COVID-19, describing "very, very encouraging results."
Reality Check: The Forces Behind The Stay-At-Home Order ProtestsSeveral states say they've made progress against COVID-19 and are moving ahead with plans to reopen local businesses as early as Friday.
Coronavirus In Minnesota: Post-COVID-19 Jobless Rate May Top Great Depression FiguresThe Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis predicts by June, the U.S. unemployment rate could be 30%. That would be three times higher than the worst of the 2009 recession, which was 9.9% in Minnesota.
Coronavirus: Comparing The Outbreak To Previous Health ScaresExperts say there are now more than 1,100 cases of coronavirus in the United States. At least 30 patients have died. But many still downplay the significance of the outbreak, comparing it to previous health scares.
Reality Check: Amy Klobuchar's Most Memorable Debate To DateMinnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar made several claims during Monday night's debate -- and sparked a viral moment.
The Current State Of Play In The 2020 Presidential RaceMinnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar finished a strong third in the New Hampshire presidential primary. Now it's on to the next contests, including the Democratic primary in Minnesota next month.
Iowa Caucuses: Kickoff, And Unreliable Predictor, Of Presidential RaceThe Iowa caucuses, considered the official kickoff for the 2020 presidential election, are February 3, But despite all the attention it gets, Iowa is not a predictor of who will win the White House.
The Impeachment Scorecard For Minnesota's Congressional MembersThe impeachment trial unfolding in Washington, D.C. is dividing members of the United States Congress in Minnesota.
Reality Check: President Trump's Claims About Pre-Existing ConditionsWhat's odd about claims from the president that he saved pre-existing conditions for sick people? The available evidence shows exactly the opposite.
4 Political Parties Will Know Which Party You Voted For In The Upcoming Minnesota PrimaryWhen you vote on Super Tuesday, your secret ballot won't be as secret as it used to be.