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It Was Inevitable ... Climbing Raccoon Bobblehead Coming SoonThe National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum says people nationwide fell in love with the Raccoon as she defied the odds to reach the top of the building.
NASA Rover Falls Silent Amid Giant Mars Dust StormControllers expect it will be several more days before there's enough sunlight to recharge Opportunity's battery through its solar panels.
Woman Gets Head Stuck In Truck’s Exhaust PipeThe McLeod County Sheriff's Office says they cited her for underage drinking.
Mama Bear, 4 Cubs Show Up At Braham Family's HomeThe family has seen bears in their yard before; there's a creek that runs right through. But this visit was special.
‘World Is A Better Place Without Her’: Minnesota Woman’s Obituary Goes ViralA seemingly normal obituary for a Minnesota woman took an intense and devastating turn – and went viral for it.
And The Spelling Bee-Winning Word Was ...Fourteen-year-old Karthik Nemmani of McKinney, Texas, got into the bee through a new wild-card program.
A.1. Unveils Meat-Scented CandlesThe unique, meaty gifts come in 3 flavors: original meat, backyard BBQ and classic burger.
Trump Mulls Pardoning Martha Stewart, 'One Of My Biggest Fans'Stewart was convicted in 2004 of obstructing justice and lying to the government about why she unloaded stock just before the price plummeted.
Roseanne Blames Ambien For Tweets, Drug-Maker Responds"While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication."

Offbeat National News

Survey Says Nearly Half Of Americans Are Skipping Summer Vacation This YearA new survey says that 49 percent of respondents aren't taking vacation this year and cost is the main reason why.
'Jeopardy!' Winner Faces 5 Years In Prison For Cyber CrimesA former Jeopardy winner is facing five years in prison after committing a cyber crime.
Indiana Officer Pulls Over Driver Going Too Slowly In Left LaneAn Indiana State Police Officer went viral over the weekend for pulling over a car that was traveling too slowly in the left lane, creating a 20 car back-up.
Toxic Plant That Can Cause Blindness Found In PennsylvaniaA noxious, alien and invasive plant that looks like Queen Anne's lace on steroids – giant hogweed -- is causing some concerns after being found in multiple states, including Pennsylvania.
Lakers Forward Kyle Kuzma Thanks 'The Rock' For Helping Him Add Muscle This SummerThe movie star visited the Lakers to give a motivational speech this season and Kuzma apparently took some of the lessons to heart.
Woman Arrested After Destructive Rage At Planet FitnessThe woman was arrested in the early morning hours of Tuesday after getting into an angry confrontation with one of the gym's employees.
Woman Says She Stabbed Bear During Attack In California ParkThe woman told deputies she was hiking on the trail and turned around after seeing what appeared to be bear droppings. A short time later, she heard something behind her and turned to see a small black bear approaching her at a fast pace.
Wedding Dress Accidentally Donated To Goodwill Found 6 Days LaterA woman from California asked for help on social media finding her wedding dress and a woman from Massachusetts came through.
Could Orioles' Chris Davis Finish With Worst Season Ever By Full-Time Major Leaguer?To say that the O's first baseman has struggled out of the gates this season would be an understatement.

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