By Anna Berend

Baby, it’s cold outside. There are plenty of fun things to do in the snow, but when the temperatures drop low, it’s a good idea to find a few indoor activities that don’t require head-to-toe winter gear for kids and their parents to enjoy.

So, if you’ve built a whole family of snow people, a snow fort and thousands of snow balls, climbed every hill and slope for a slippery slide down on the sled and gone many a mile in snow shoes, skis and skates, and there are still months of the cold, white stuff to come, then head inside for fun and warmth at a cool cooking class. It just so happens that there are quite a few choices of cooking school options for kids and/or families in the Twin Cities.

What better way to bond as a family than by working together in the kitchen? Both of my parents are great cooks and many of my happiest family memories involve making and/or eating a wonderful meal together. Make it a mom or dad and child date, go as a whole family or drop off the kidlets, depending on the class.


3925 W. 50th St., Edina, MN

Here you’ll find parent/child or kids only participatory classes from time to time. Check seasonal listings for class options available. In January, there is a Kids Cook: Pasta class for kids ages 8-12. Students will learn how to prepare a fast, fresh, tasty meal and have a chance to eat what they whip up.

Whole Foods has a monthly Whole Kids Club cooking class. Each one is designed for a specific age group – but all of them give children the chance to learn about healthy eating habits, cooking techniques and culinary gadgets. These hour-long classes are by far the most affordable of the bunch.

This beautiful space is located in the Midtown Global Market, giving its participants a unique perspective. Molly Herrmann, one of the chefs and owners, is a mom and she knows how to get creative with kids in the kitchen. As KITM grows, they continue to offer more on their schedule, so keep checking for new options.

8505 Valley Creek Rd., Woodbury, MN

This cooking school offers classes for both kids only and parents and kids; take your pick. They also have two convenient locations: one in Eden Prairie and one in Woodbury. This cooking school has the largest variety of classes available for the most age groups. Whether your focus is on cupcakes, kitchen gadgets, pizza or sushi there is something for you and your child. They also offer a variety of different cooking birthday parties.

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