By Anna Berend

As the winter gives way to spring, it’s time to shed our dull, rough winter skin for a smooth, glowing healthy epidermis. Those frigid temps and the dry winds can wreak havoc on even naturally beautiful, lustrous skin. There is no better time to find the perfect moisturizer, masque serum to bring out your skin’s best qualities.

Skin care is tricky. It seems that there are two camps of people: those who love their products and have used them for longer than they care to admit; and those who are never happy with their products and are continually seeking that perfect moisturizer, toner, serum or magic potion.

I happen to fall into the camp of using the same product for years upon years; and yet, my skin has changed with my age. Clearly, it’s time I find a better moisturizer. It’s just not that easy to decide where to begin this search, but I’ve done some research and I’ve got some ideas for you.

If your skin is sensitive to certain ingredients or your nose is sensitive to certain scents or your wallet is sensitive to certain prices, perhaps shopping local and pure is the answer. Here, in the Twin Cities, there are a number of producers of smaller lines who are very conscientious when it comes to ingredients and effectiveness.

These companies put passion into creating these products and believe in them. While the price tags on some of these skin care items may seem high, remember that the purer the product the less you use, typically, and you’ll feel good about buying local and knowing more about the product you are using to sustain your natural beauty.

elizabeth full set Awaken & Renew: Pure, Clean, Locally Produced Skin Care

(credit: Elizabeth Dehn)

By Elizabeth Dehn

Beauty writer Elizabeth Dehn has been experimenting with and writing about skin care for years. She now has her own line made with very specific parameters. Dehn insisted on no chemicals or cheap fillers and made sure that her products were effective and full of nourishing ingredients. By Elizabeth Dehn includes a face spray, shea cream and serum. You can buy these products on her website or in a few select shops and spas in the area. These products might be your best “beauty bets.”

suds Awaken & Renew: Pure, Clean, Locally Produced Skin Care

(credit: Suds Bath and Body)

Suds! Bath and Body

This line uses no harsh detergents, artificial preservatives or synthetic colors or fragrances in its products. Instead, suds! uses fine essential oils, natural colors and butters. The line offers skin care, shampoos, lip balms, soaps, deodorant, shave bars and more. Features exfoliating facial cleansing clay, toners, moisturizing facial oil and lotion sticks. The lotion sticks that glides over your skin contains various essential oils like bergamot, lavender and key lime. And the natural butters melt and absorb into your skin. Interestingly enough the owner of suds! is a chemical engineer by profession – she clearly knows what she’s doing here! You can find suds! Bath and Body in a number of area co-ops and shops.

anna Awaken & Renew: Pure, Clean, Locally Produced Skin Care

(credit: Anna Dvorak)

Anna Dvorak Skin Care

Anna Dvorak Skin Care products are handcrafted using natural and organic botanical ingredients. These pure skin care products have no artificial preservatives, stabilizers, colors or perfumes. Contained in amber glass jars, which aids in preserving the quality of this product. They’re environmentally friendly too as the jars can be returned for a refund, recycled or reused. The Anna Dvorak line is so fresh that it has a shelf life; the lotions and creams have a shelf life of 3-6 months; the lip balm keeps for one year and the salves are stable for years. Check out Anna’s product line here and order online.

kasia Awaken & Renew: Pure, Clean, Locally Produced Skin Care

(credit: Kasia Organics)

Kasia Organics

Kasia Beautiful Health Skin Care line contains pure and nourishing ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin and tough enough to reverse skin disruption and repair chronic inflammation. These products contain antioxidants, seed and fruit oils, fatty acids, organic essential oils, and plant derived emulsifiers. Kasia has eye cream, serums, face cleanser, toner, moisturizing cream and a mask. Kasia also offers teas, hair care items and laundry products. You can purchase this pure, organic line at the Kasia Organics Boutique or online.

Did we miss any locations that offer classes in any of these handicrafts? Tell us in the comments.

Anna Berend is an attorney and the author of Motherly Law Blog. On Motherly Law, Anna writes about legal issues that affect families and offers tips and resources that pertain to those legal topics. On occasion, inspiration strikes and Anna writes about something totally unrelated to the law. You can find Anna at, on Facebook at Motherly Law and on Twitter @MotherlyLaw.

  1. Tracy Jo Hamilton says:

    Kasia Organic Salon is collaborating with Picture of Health on March 16 @6:30-8:00pm for a Breast & Women’s Health Seminar. In addition, Kasia Organic Salon will be scheduling Thermography Screening Appointments for Breast, Half-Body & Full Body Screening on March 19th & 20th, 2012. Call for an appointment @612.824.7611.

    Thermography is an under-used functional screening that has the unique ability in its capability to show the physiological change and metabolic processes that occur in the body.

    Thermograms provide reliable and accurate information for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. They are precise and objective data from accurate measurements of thermal information. And provide considerable financial savings over conventional investigations. They have been FDA approved since early 1980’s.

    Call for more information and book an appointment today @ 612.824.7611

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