As a parent of a child just entering kindergarten, I haven’t had the opportunity or need for tutoring yet. However, tutoring is becoming an important component of education. A few tutoring businesses have been around for a while, but more of these businesses are popping up all over the Twin Cities metro. Some tutors are knowledgeable in specific subjects; and others focus on an age group; and still others specialize in particular college admittance exams, such as SAT or ACT. Our education system is so competitive that students are compelled to keep up or stay at the head of the pack by supplementing their school days and homework with tutors.

If you’re looking for a tutor for your child, you’re not alone. This list is focused on locally owned and operated tutoring businesses and tutor searches for local tutors. Here are a few to check out, depending on your tutoring needs:

Phone: 612-871-2043
Email: has been helping kids succeed in school through private, in-home tutoring since 2002. Homeworks has 45 tutors with expertise in every subject, including Math, Science, Foreign Languages, Writing, etc. as well as standardized testing and advanced placement. They offer such tutoring to students from kindergarten through adulthood. Homeworks favors an individual approach tailored to your child’s needs and interests. You can schedule sessions directly with the tutors 7 days a week for morning, afternoon or evening. Call or e-mail them for details.


Collegiate Tutoring
2310 Aldrich Ave. S. #109
Minneapolis, MN 55405
http://www.collegiate-tutors.comAt Collegiate, their motto is “every student has the ability to succeed.” This local tutoring business also comes to your home or other convenient location, such as a library or coffee shop. Collegiate claims to be the most economical tutoring option in the Twin Cities. Their tutors are experts in math, science, English and a variety of college courses. Collegiate charges $45 for 1 hour or $40 per hour for 10 hour increments.

youCan Tutoring
Phone: 612-208-8226

Locally owned and operated by Kathryn Prusila, a Minnesota Licensed Teacher with a Masters in Education, youCan strives to create customized tutoring plans for each student. youCan specializes in one-on-one tutoring for students in K-12 in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, English, History and studying. youCan will tutor your child in your home, at a library or other convenient public meeting place. Tutoring is available in the Twin Cities, Waseca and Chippewa Falls, Wis.

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Tutor Search Services
Tutor Match Match is a free service that enables those searching for a tutor to locate tutors with profiles on the site. You can search by area and look for the subject matter expertise. The tutor’s educational background and experience is listed, as well. The tutors listed here seemed to be quite a bit cheaper than the above locally-owned tutoring businesses. The cool thing here is after you pick your tutor, the session can be face-to-face, electronic, via chat, fax or phone. So many options to choose from!

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WyzAnt Tutoring, Teaching and Coaching is another free tutor search website. At WyzAnt, you can search for screened, tested and guaranteed tutors specializing in a great number of subjects. This site was easier to navigate with more information, including student feedback and ratings, listed for each tutor. Again, the cost of tutoring per hour tended to be cheaper than the above listed local businesses.

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