With summer in full swing here in the Twin Cities, it’s only natural to hear those tunes cranked and blasting out of the rolled down windows. If you enjoyed the first installment of this story, you’ll love the follow-up. Minneapolis and St. Paul is overflowing with great musicians and even better music. Switching gears with this list, it starts off with some harder tracks and leads into a finer, more relaxed ending. To finish your local summer playlist, here is part two with five more songs from local bands.

6) “Bloodshot Eyes” by Throw The Fight

(credit: Thrown the Fight)

Ready for something a little… harder? The alternative metal group Throw the Fight is the perfect change of pace. “Bloodshot Eyes” is their latest single and has been embraced and praised by Atreyu and Bullet for My Valentine fans. Lead singer James Clark gives everything in this track and shows off the vocal range he possess. Throw the Fight just finished their studio time in Los Angeles and are preparing for a fall album release. This song is a must at any large summer party or if you are in need of some serious rocking out.

“Bury me before my heart just stops beating.
Close your eyes.
And tell me why this is breaking.
My whole heart is torn into pieces.”

“Bloodshot Eyes” is available on their website and iTunes. Throw the Fight consists of James Clark, vocals, Ryan Baustert, guitar, Jeff Baustert, drums, Brian Foster, bass, Kevin Beck, guitar.

7) “The Bronze Outfit” by Tepetricy

(credit: Tepetricy)

Following suit with the hard rock vibe, No. 7 comes from local rockers, Tepetricy. “The Bronze Outfit,” touted in an album review as “the blockbuster hit,” comes packed with heavy guitars, guttural screams and deep singing by front man, Steven Fremling. Off their latest album Intangibles of Tomorrow, “The Bronze Outfit” is sure to get you up and moving. This power packed track is perfect for exploding out the windows of your car on a hot summer afternoon. Or, when you’re driving downtown for a night of fun.

“Forget what’s
Been left unseen now.
Listen to
The thoughts and dreams.”

“The Bronze Outfit is available on their website and iTunes. Tepetricy consists of Steven Fremling, vocals, Aaron Peterson, guitar, Victor Quade, keyboards, William Campbell, bass, and Robin Rapsys, drums.

8)”River Valley Town” by Drift Effect

(credit: Still Coda Photography)

Taking a complete opposite glance into the Minneapolis scene, we slow things down as the list enters the last part. Although Drift Effect went their separate ways last year, it didn’t stop them from creating a final, and possibly best album to date. The Temporal End, released June 15, 2011, showcases the growth and lasting power this band had. Sensual guitars tangle perfectly with front man Ray Smart’s voice to grip the listener with sound and lyric. This track, easily, is the perfect song to sit by Lake Calhoun and blast or relax under the summer sun with.

“No longer angry.
It’s just your way.
In this play where
Nothing ever changes.
You don’t know me.”

“River Valley Town” is available on their website and iTunes. Drift Effect consists of Ray Smart, vocals, Marc Hedman-Dennis, guitar, Ben Roselius, guitar, Nate Heinz, bass and Adam Schmid, drums.

9) “The Door” by Blood Root Mother

(credit: Blood Root Mother)

Continuing to keep things at a slower pace, “The Door” is that last track on Blood Root Mother’s debut album, The Rabbit Hole. This song has an almost tantric and intoxicating feel with chimes, a rainstick, and engaging lyrics. The smooth sounds of this song fit perfectly into a fleeting summer evening around a campfire or sitting at one of the thousands of lakes here in Minnesota.

“He crawls into you like a dream without an end.
The meaning changes as you realize the trend.
The broken promises, the chains of ghosts of time.
They have may have drained your life.
They never altered mine.”

“The Door” is available on their website and iTunes. Blood Root Mother consists of Barry Costanzi, keyboards and vocals, Ryan Gaskill, vocals and guitar, Bob Kanawyer, bass, Rob Newton, vocals and guitar, Andy Persons, guitar, and Elliot Weiner, drums.

10) “Days at the Depot” by Semeron

(credit: Snap Grin Photography)

Wrapping up this local playlist is “Days at the Depot,” another slow song that tastes well with bonfires and boat rides at sunset. The smooth vocals of lead singer Adam Hanson give a sort of calm and ease to the song, which makes it that much easier to listen to. The simple acoustic song has power through words and the thoughtfulness of the lyrics. “Days at the Depot” is a track off Semeron’s latest album, Destroying the Monster.

“Before I fall asleep tonight
I think about the times I’ve lost.
Before I fall asleep tonight
I think about the wars I’ve fought.”

“Days at the Depot” is available on their website and iTunes. Semeron consists of Adam Hanson, vocals, J.R. Westberg, guitar, Jeff Gyllen, bass and vocals, Nick Ford, guitar, and Jesse Farrell, drums.

Emily Buss is a music journalist from Minneapolis and author of On the Rechord blog. On the Rechord is a music site dedicated to the local music scene in the Twin Cities. Emily writes concert and album reviews, band and artist profiles, and provides information about local shows. A college graduate with a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Journalism, Emily has been professionally writing for newspapers and online outlets for six years. You can find Emily at www.ontherechord.com , on Facebook at On the Rechord and on Twitter @TheEmilyB.