By Anna Berend

I am envious of those who can make their own clothes, accessories, décor and gifts. We all know people like this; those who can cut out and sew their own skirts, hats, bags and more; darn the holes in well-worn and loved sweaters and scarves; design and make quilts for babies, wedding gifts and warmth; and turn a few strands of yarn into hats, mittens and scarves in no time at all.

Ever so slowly, these abilities, that once came so easily and were considered essential skills, began to fade away. These talents were beginning to become lost arts. That is, until a recent revival of handicrafts.

While these lost arts seem to be truly lost on me as I have no crafting abilities, there is no shortage of handicraft classes teaching basic to advanced sewing, quilting and needlework for those with an interest and probably more skill than I possess. I have divided these classes into three categories: sewing, quilting and needlework. Whether yearning for a new hobby, a way to save money on clothes, gifts, etc. or a new way to make a living, I think you’ll find a shop that’s to your liking.


Sewing Classes

If you are interested in learning the basics of sewing, making a cute skirt, designing and stitching up a tote bag or you simply want to know how to properly hem a pair pants or sew a button back on, check these locations. Each of these shops offers a number of classes for various levels of sewing students each month and some have sewing rooms for use on an hourly basis and clubs to join.


Needlework Classes

It looks so simple, but without some instruction in this fine art, that beautiful scarf you want to make for yourself may elude you and leave you with a mess of soft yarn sitting in a basket. Figure out the basics, come for a social gathering of knitters who offer each other tips or learn specific stitches. Each of these locations has classes for every level of learning.


Quilting Classes

Nothing warms the heart and body like the gift of a magnificent handmade quilt. While this craft may seem daunting, these locations offer a variety of classes of different levels, techniques and projects. There are also quilting clubs to join.

Did we miss any locations that offer classes in any of these handicrafts? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Genecj says:

    Crafty Planet in NE Mpls.

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    Needlework Unlimited, SW Mpls.

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    What in Yarnation! cannon Falls, MN

    visit the shop then visit the winery, deli, and fabric shop!