Our fellow Minnesotans are serving our country and making sacrifices on our behalf every day. Whether they are on active duty, veterans, or families with loved ones stationed around the world, they deserve our deep gratitude for all they’ve done to preserve and protect the freedoms we enjoy.


WCCO believes our troops deserve a record-breaking show of gratitude.


That’s why we created “More Than Names,” an Accomplish MN campaign to recognize and support our military members and their families. Minnesotans all across this great state will have the chance to step up and sign our 102-by-76 foot flag. Everyone who signs will be part of the world record for most signatures on a flag.


But saying “Thank You” is only half of the campaign. The other half is support. We are fundraising for Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund. MMAF is a military support organization providing grants to Minnesota service men, women and their families.


Each signature is a symbol of gratitude and support. But to the men and women who have served in the military and their families, they are so much “More Than Names.”


There is no better cause and no better time to Accomplish MN!