Guy Still joined the Assignment Desk at WCCO-TV in 2001. As an Assignment Editor he helps to research stories and coordinates logistics in the newsroom. He is in his second stint at WCCO-TV, after spending some time in the Peace Corps, traveling and working at another television station.

Inspired by a handful of hardcore cyclists on the WCCO team, he purchased a hybrid bike about a decade ago and started riding to work. Today he is a dedicated bicycle commuter and has made the 6-mile one-way bike ride every weekday for nearly 4 years, in temperatures ranging more than 120 degrees.

Besides pedaling to work, Guy participates in a handful of 100-mile (aka “century”) rides every year, including a few exclusively on gravel roads. He also embarks on one annual multi-day bike-camping trip with two of his coworkers, pitching tents or staying with strangers along the way.

He grew up in Minneapolis and now lives in the Columbia Park neighborhood with his wife.

When he’s not working or on a bicycle he is either spending time with his family, or studying Russian culture, politics and language.