• New State Fair Foods For 2018There are 27 new foods on the list for the 2018 Minnesota State Fair.
  1. Gregg A. Iverson says:

    Who paid the 1.5 million $$$$$$?

  2. dot says:

    the sultan of Oman paid their $1 million bail.

  3. Jerry says:

    I think th american people are geting tired of these idots that go to dangers parts of the world and get in trouble. I hope that these guys dont get a book deal or there will be more people running into harms way

  4. jg says:

    Dont worry. These precious snowflakes will be out singing “God Hates America” in no time. They’d already taken a few jabs at the U.S before they were even back.
    And Oman was just a middle man for the bail. I’m sure they “Made” money on the task of handing Iran they’re ransom money.
    I’m sure this whole ordeal ended up costing the taxpayers 10 times that amount.


  5. Vina says:

    What a mvssiae name. You will get huge numbers coming to see him he’s achieved absolutely . nothing in his life apart from being a self-promoting talking head. Mind you, given your party spouts vacuous nonsense anyway he will be an undoubted hit.P.S. Vote Labour because the Tories only want to help the wealthy who go hunting.

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