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  1. Dan says:

    Michele, Michele! When are you going to learn! The reason you lost so badly is that the voters like what Obama has done with Health Care, education (tax credits for parents of college students, etc.), and all the other “social issues”!! Keep it up, Michele — it only assures the country of FOUR MORE years to pass more “social legislation” that voters want!!!!!!

  2. les says:

    i liked her wish she would have not dropped out becuase of iowa what the hell do they mean very small community

  3. Murph says:

    Michele,didn’t even get taken seriously in Iowa! Had she been viewed as anything but a straw candidate.You can be sure Frank Vennes jr,Tom Petters and other” friends” either in prison or freshly out would have been mentioned by her opponents! Lucky for her and Pawlenty the didn’t get far enough to be outed by their fellow candidates.I however have no qualms about doing so!

  4. Kris says:

    Good. Now maybe she can get back to work. Since July she has missed over 80% of roll call votes. Should we expect her to forfeit 80% of the $87,000 ($174,000 annual) that she has been paid since then?

  5. Al says:

    Can you stop covering her now?

  6. Jared Hoke says:

    I hear, in my mind’s ear, Laurie Anderson singing:
    “And everybody on the island
    Is screaming Look At Me Look At Me Look At Me Look At Me”

    Maybe now we can –at last– stop looking at her. The view was never that good.

    1. Preet says:

      your reply struck a note with me. We are iedned involved in spiritual warfare more than ever today and discernment is a necessity. Unfortunately, it is lacking in too many churches. I’ve talked to professing Christians who know nothing about being saved by grace through faith and nothing about Christ’s substitutionary atoning death, but who do believe in universal salvation because no one ever explained the first two properly. Never mind having anyone explain to them about the character, attributes and nature of God! And I agree with you that we can recognize the season Christ talked about in the Olivet Sermon and we are in it now.And, oddly enough, I am just starting to read Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Meditations on the Cross and am about to finish up a rough draft of a study I’m doing on Replacement Theology and why it isn’t valid. And as you know, that has to do with Israel still being in God’s plans for this world and unfulfilled prophecy. God still blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curse Israel. I am greatly concerned for our nation because of the way our politicians are now treating Israel. I am still optimistic, both because God wins eventually and because we cannot know His timing, so we should continue in our endeavors to right our ship of state. Obama’s margin of victory was small among Independents and conservative Democrats (2% 2.9%), and he isn’t helping his case with them by his current rhetoric designed to energize his hard left base. His unscripted comments are nasty and petty; ordinary people don’t like that from a politician. That’s not what many of them thought they voted for.I am concerned that the Tea Party and the Republican establishment will work at cross purposes in the primaries and manage to help left wing Democrats get re-elected (my state of Colorado was a textbook case in the last election). This could result in a non-viable Republican presidential candidate and I really hope that doesn’t happen. I like the way Trump is stimulating debate, but I still don’t consider him a serious candidate either Republican or third party.

      1. Jared Hoke says:

        While I admire any serious conversation about the moral teachings of Yeshua ben Joseph, His identity, other spiritual systems (note that they share the essential teaching), and so forth, I firmly believe that such discussions have no place in the secular world of politics. Politics is about power, and our Founders wisely realized that spiritual and political power should never be mixed … it’s too much in one place, and leads inevitably to abuse. A central tenet of our system is Separation of Power, for that very reason. I cringe whenever a candidate touts his/her spiritual belief system. It’s a No No. A demonstration of why can be seen in any Muslim country, which tend to mix the two. You want Mullahs in America? I don’t. Jerry Falwell and his ilk could easily become American mullahs, and I don’t want that. Neither should you.

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