'We Are All Outraged': Lawmakers Pushing To Repeal Federal Drug LawTop Minnesota lawmakers are asking Congress to repeal a controversial new law they say is actually making the opioid problem worse.
'60 Minutes' Interviews Minnesota Man Linked To ISISA Minnesota terrorist, who recruited friends to fight for ISIS, told '60 Minutes' online videos made him feel special.
Veteran CBS Correspondent Bob Simon Dies In Car CrashLongtime "60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon, who covered riots, Academy Award-nominated movies and wars and was held captive for more than a month in Iraq two decades ago, died in a car crash on Wednesday. He was 73.
Good Question: Could Drone Delivery Really Take Off?On CBS’ 60 Minutes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a plan to deliver packages within 30 minutes by unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones. Amazon's "Prime Air' service could be used for packages which weigh less than five pounds, and can only be sent to destinations that are within 10 miles of an Amazon distribution center. Bezos said he hopes the service could be ready in four years. "I know this looks like science fiction," Bezos said. "It's not." So, how realistic is this idea?
Opinion: Romney's Criticism Of Obama Is Misguided And Ignores The FactsIn seeking to define President Obama as a foreign policy failure, sympathetic to Muslim protesters, Mitt Romney ignored the fact that Americans were killed and under threat overseas.
Former '60 Minutes' Commentator Andy Rooney DiesAndy Rooney so dreaded the day he had to end his signature "60 Minutes" commentaries about life's large and small absurdities that he kept going until he was 92 years old.
Lara Logan On 60 MinutesRegular listeners know we're big fans of "60 Minutes" here at The Show. And it should be another riveting episode coming up on Sunday as Lara Logan sits down to recount the events surrounding her horrible attack as she reported from Egypt. We've got a link to a preview.
60 Minutes Expose On Greg MortensonGreg Mortenson runs a huge non-profit organization focusing on central Asia. 60 Minutes got wind of complaints about the way money's allocated in his organization, and that some of the inspirational stories in his best-selling book "Three Cups of Tea" might not be true. Here's the story from Steve Kroft.
Sen. Scott Brown On 60 MinutesMassachusetts Senator Scott Brown gave a revealing interview last night on CBS's 60 minutes. We've got a link to the video.
Chilean Miners On 60 MinutesIf you missed the riveting story on 60 Minutes last night about the 33 Chilean miners who were trapped in a mine for over 60 days, we've got a link to the video.
Chilean Miners On 60 MinutesWe've got a link to a preview clip from the 60 Minutes interview with several of the Chilean miners airing this weekend.