'All Lined Up Before You Need It': Alzheimer's Association Shares Steps For Estate PlanningTalks about money and long-term care wishes can be tough enough, but when a loved one is suffering from memory loss, advocates say there is no time to waste.
Among Tough Moments For Those With Alzheimer's Disease, When To Take The Keys AwayJust as they have for years, the Quinns escaped most of the Minnesota winter in Florida. Only this time, there were very few beach walks Paul would take alone.
Insulin Nasal Spray Trial Improves Alzheimer's SymptomsDoctors at Health Partners in the Twin Cities are growing increasingly optimistic about a new Alzheimer's treatment. It's a nasal spray they say is greatly helping with memory loss in patients taking part in a clinical trial.
Tips For Families Celebrating Holidays With Loved Ones Suffering From Memory LossIt's a magical season, usually filled with family and tradition. But for loved ones with memory loss and their caregivers, it can be a difficult time of year.
Minnesota Adds Alzheimers As Qualifying Condition For Medical MarijuanaMinnesota lawmakers legalized medical marijuana in 2014. It's currently approved for such conditions as cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS and intractable pain.
Sandra Day O'Connor Announces Likely Alzheimer's DiagnosisSandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, says she has the beginning stages of dementia and "probably Alzheimer's disease."
Group Petitions For Medical Pot Program To Include Opioid AddictionA medical marijuana advocate group is petitioning the state government to expand Minnesota’s medical pot program to include those who struggle with opioid addiction.
Study: Lowering Blood Pressure Cuts Risk Of Alzheimer'sLowering blood pressure more than usually recommended not only helps prevent heart problems, it also cuts the risk of mental decline that often leads to Alzheimer's disease, a major study finds.
Figuring Out 'Driving Retirement' For A Loved One With Alzheimer's Taking the keys from a loved one with memory loss can be one of the hardest moves to make in the difficult journey.
Minnesotan Climbing Mountains To Raise Alzheimer’s AwarenessOn this longest day of the year, a Minnesota man shined light on a disease that robbed him of his father.
Study: Viruses Might Play A Role In Alzheimer'sA provocative new study says viruses that sneak into the brain just might play a role in Alzheimer's.