Breaking Down The Net Worth Of Each 2020 Presidential CandidateKamala Harris had a promising start when she announced her candidacy in January before 20,000 supporters, but she couldn't overcome her biggest obstacle: Billionaires.
As More Men Enter Race, Amy Klobuchar Turns Up Case For 'Woman Candidate'Klobuchar has been talking more pointedly about gender and politics — even if she’d rather be discussing the more than 100 bills she’s passed.
Klobuchar Makes 1st Hires in Nevada With Ex-O’Rourke StaffDemocratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar is making her first campaign hires in early voting Nevada, scooping up staffers who worked for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign.
Amy Klobuchar: Woman With Pete Buttigieg's Record Would Miss DebateSen. Amy Klobuchar says she and other top female presidential candidates wouldn't be on the debate stage if they had the same experience as Mayor Pete Buttigieg.
Sen. Klobuchar Looking For Another Breakout Performance In Next DebateAs the impeachment inquiry moves forward, so does the Democratic race to choose a presidential candidate.
Sens. Smith And Klobuchar Raise Concerns Over TSA Staffing at MSPU.S. Senators from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are urging the TSA to up staffing at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. 
Amy Klobuchar Qualifies For November DebateMinnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar has qualified for the fifth Democratic debate in November.
Would 'Medicare For All' Force 149M Americans Off Their Private Insurance?Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is getting traction in her presidential campaign after an aggressive performance in this month's candidate debate, where she claimed a "Medicare For All" health plan will force hundreds of millions of Americans off their private insurance. But is it true?
Sen. Amy Klobuchar Ramping Up Campaign Ahead Of November DebateIt has been just over a week since Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar's widely praised performance in the last presidential debate, but the senator is still short of qualifying for the next one.
New Poll Shows Most Dem Candidates Would Defeat Trump In Minnesota, Including KlobucharConsidering Klobuchar's history of landslide wins in Minnesota, her showing in this poll is not that surprising. However, Klobuchar has struggled to emerge from the bottom of most polls.
'It Feels Like Things Are Completely Off The Rails': In Iowa, Sen. Klobuchar Sounds Off Against Trump"They are in the middle of a slaughter in Syria, trying to now negotiate themselves out of a problem that was entirely of their making."