HabitAware Bracelet Can Help Break Your Bad HabitsIt's called Keen, a smart bracelet with a secret skill. It's for people who need help managing impulse control issues.
Statue Honoring Air Force Veteran’s Dog Stolen From GravesiteWhen Rory Gavic died in 2009, his mother had a statue of the dog made and placed it next to his headstone at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church cemetery.
Flu Shot Or Nasal Spray? CDC Now Says Both Vaccines Just As EffectiveThis year, there's a new recommendation when it comes to getting a flu shot.
Health Summit To Bring Leaders Together In MinneapolisA first-of-its-kind event at the Minneapolis Convention Center this week could have an impact on how the rest of the world sees Minnesota.
Long Lines Make Taking Driving Tests DifficultMastering the art of parallel parking is typically what creates the most anxiety when trying to get a driver’s license, but for the last few months, something else has become even more daunting -- just getting a chance to take the road test.
Vern Hedquist's Death Highlights Unusually Deadly Year In Minn. Work ZonesVern Hedquist was struck by a Ford F-150 truck that was rear-ended by a semi-truck on Interstate 94 Tuesday afternoon.
Celebrating The Life & Legacy Of Diane PageDiane Page, the co-founder and executive director of the Page Education Foundation, died Saturday after a battle with breast cancer. She was the wife of former Minnesota Viking and former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page.
Experts Say Portrait Donated To St. Olaf Could Be Authentic Munch PaintingA donated portrait to St. Olaf College depicting violinist Eva Mudocci is now believed to be more valuable than anyone imagined.