More MnDOT Plows Getting Hit This SeasonFully loaded with salt and brine, MnDOT plow trucks will weigh between 25 and 35 tons. That’s why passing one obscured in a cloud of snow is not only dangerous, it can be deadly.
Minnesota Weather: Where Does All That Snow Go?Without any large melts in between our recent snowfalls, removing the piles along downtown Minneapolis streets is becoming a challenge.
Man Rescued After Falling 150 Feet Down Mpls. River BankA man needed to be rescued after falling 150 feet down over a cliff near the Mississippi River in Minneapolis Monday morning.
Minneapolis City Council Eyes Upper Harbor ProjectThe massive $200 million Upper Harbor Terminal project will make use of the former Port of Minneapolis industrial site.
Gun Law Advocates Deliver Broken Heart Valentines To Leaders 1 Year After Parkland ShootingOne year ago today, a deranged gunman stole 17 innocent and precious lives.
Winter Makes A Welcomed Return To St. Croix ValleyIn the St. Croix Valley, on the same trails where Olympic gold medalist Jessie Diggins once trained, more than skiers are out in force.
Boy, 10, Seriously Injured By Falling Skyway IceAn Eagan fifth grader feels lucky to be alive after a scare late Sunday afternoon. His nasty head wound is the result of falling ice from an overhead downtown Minneapolis skyway.
After Cold, Snow Come Ice DamsIt could be any house on any street, but when you see the massive icicles clinging to the roof you instantly recognize one of winter's cruelest tricks – the damaging and unsightly ice dam has returned to Minnesota homes.
Kenneth Lilly Charged With Attempted Murder In I-35W Bus Driver ShootingA 31-year-old man has been charged in a shooting that left a school bus driver injured on Interstate 35W near downtown Minneapolis Tuesday afternoon.
Minneapolis Offers Free Salt, Sand To Combat IceExperts told WCCO to use salt sparingly, but there's nothing better for melting ice when roads and sidewalks are so dangerously slick.
Ice-Covered Roads, Walks Remain TreacherousState Troopers responded to hundreds of spinouts and crashes across the state as motorists slipped and slid into ditches, medians and each other.
Minnesota Divers Tell Stories Behind Great Lakes ShipwrecksEach find closes the final chapter of a tragic maritime history and gives answers to the families of those lost.
Problems Persist After Minnesota's Deep FreezeMinneapolis firefighters are responding to dozens of calls of water alarms and broken pipes in the aftermath of the polar vortex.
Minnesota Weather: With Polar Vortex Exiting, Let The Thawing BeginWe're not there yet, but Mother Nature is making progress getting back to normal after Minnesota's brush with the polar vortex.
Polar Vortex Means Big Business For Auto Shops, Food DeliveryWhile many Minnesotans will avoid going outside in these dangerously-cold temperatures, some people are paid to be out there.