Official Explains Dangers Of Blue-Green Algae To Pets, HumansIf you spot something that looks like blue-green algae or if you think your pet was exposed, call the health department.
Toxic Blue-Green Algae Spotted On Northern Minnesota LakesHigh temperatures and heavy rainfall have created the perfect breeding ground for the toxic bacteria.
MPCA Warns Of Blue-Green Algae BoomThe Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is warning people about blue-green algae.
Researchers Hope To Predict Blue-Green Algae OutbreaksSix Minnesota lakes are currently being studied for the conditions that produce dangerous blue-green algae.
MPCA & MDH: Harmful Algae Could Bloom EarlyMinnesota authorities are warning lake-goers that harmful algae may be in the water early this year. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Department of Health say a mild spring means blue-green algae could bloom early.
Officials Warn Of Toxic Algae Blooms After Child Gets SickHealth officials are warning the public about toxic blue-green algae blooms in Minnesota lakes after incidents earlier this month where a child was hospitalized and two dogs died near Alexandria.
Dog Dies Of Apparent Blue-Green Algae Poisoning In Douglas Co.One dog is ill and another has died after swimming in a Douglas County lake. According to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office, DCSO Water Patrol received a report of one dog becoming ill and another dog becoming ill, and ultimately dying, after swimming in Red Rock Lake.
Toxic Blue-Green Algae Bloom Prompts WarningThere's a warning out for beach-goers to beware of blue-green algae. Some types of the algae are very toxic, even deadly, to people and especially pets. The most recent warning is for Carver Lake in Woodbury.
Pollution Agency Warns Of Algae Amid High TemperaturesAs temperatures soar into the 90s this week, the MPCA is reminding people to beware of toxic algae blooms. The agency said that people should avoid lakes and ponds that have these blooms, and to keep children and pets away.
Warm Weather Could Spawn Dangerous Blue-Green AlgaeThe warm weather is fueling a potential health risk on area lakes. Algae blooms are starting to grow and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has a warning about a particular type -- blue-green algae.
MPCA Warns Of Impending Risk Of Harmful AlgaeAs the Land of 10,000 Lakes starts to warm up, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is warning that warm weather makes conditions right for Minnesota lakes to produce harmful blooms of algae.