Democratic Leaders Blame House GOP For Blocking Bonding BillGov. Tim Walz and Democratic legislative leaders blamed the top House Republican on Monday for the Legislature's failure to agree on a public construction borrowing bill during the regular session, but they said they'll keep trying to reach a deal in time for a special session expected to begin June 12.
Bonding Bill Fails As 2020 Minnesota Legislative Winds Down; Special Session LikelyA $998 million bonding bill did not pass Sunday evening in the Minnesota Senate, putting hundreds of projects and jobs associated with it in limbo.
With Deadline Looming, Bonding Bill Fails In Minnesota HouseA $2 billion bonding measure failed in the DFL-controlled Minnesota House Saturday after Republicans said the bill was too massive to pass while the state was dealing with money woes due to the coronavirus.
2020 Minnesota Legislative Session Will Go Down As One Of The Oddest In State HistoryHere's a look at what the Legislature has and hasn't accomplished going into the final weekend of the regular session.
Sen. Gazelka: $2B Bonding Bill Likely To Pass After Gov. Walz Lifts Stay-At-Home OrderGov. Tim Walz's decision to let his stay-at-home order expire could trigger the necessary bipartisan cooperation needed to pass his $2 billion bonding bill.
Fight Continues Over Gov. Walz's $2B Bonding Bill, Deemed 'Out Of Touch' By GOP LeadersA battle is escalating over a massive spending and jobs bill at the Minnesota State Capitol.
Coronavirus In MN: Gov. Walz Says He Won't Give Up Emergency Powers In Exchange For Bonding BillMinnesota House Republicans are threatening to block a billion-dollar public works and jobs bill unless Democratic Gov. Tim Walz gives up his emergency COVID-19 powers.
Coronavirus In MN: House GOP Leader Stymies Bonding Bill To Get Gov. Walz To Give Up Emergency PowersA bill that would help create jobs across Minnesota is locked in debate at the State Capitol.
Gov. Walz Unveils Final Part Of $2 Billion Bonding BillRepublicans have made it very clear they want half as much spent on projects as the Governor - about one billion dollars, not two.
Gov. Walz Unveils Final Part Of $2 Billion Bonding Bill ProposalGov. Tim Walz unveiled Wednesday the final part of his $2 billion bonding bill proposal.
Walz Unveils 3rd Pillar Of Bonding Bill Plan With $488M For Higher EducationGov. Tim Walz revealed Monday the fourth pillar of his agenda for the bonding bill, announcing that he wants $488 million for investments in higher education.
Talking Points: Gov. Walz Discusses $2 Billion Bonding Bill ProposalWe are a month away from the legislative session and Governor Tim Walz is in the midst of rolling out an ambitious agenda for projects and public works that Republicans are already saying is too expensive.
Gov. Tim Walz Proposes Borrowing $300M For Water ProjectsThe plan targets water treatment facilities, but also claims it will improve climate resiliency by helping the state prepare for extreme weather events.
GOP Leadership Call Gov. Walz's $2B Spending Bill 'Extreme'Democratic Gov. Tim Walz is calling it his “Local Jobs and Projects” plan. Republicans are calling it expensive.
Gov. Dayton Signs Bonding Bill, But Isn't Happy About ItGovernor Mark Dayton has signed the majority of this year's bonding bill, despite having serious concerns over the amount of money it dedicates to certain projects.