Proof Of Insurance Now Required To Register A Vehicle In Minn.Starting Friday, state law requires proof of insurance to get new tabs or to register a vehicle. It's one way the state is trying to cut down on the number of insured drivers in Minnesota.
New Year Ushers In New Laws In MinnesotaFriday ushers in the New Year and also brings new laws to Minnesota. Most new laws took effect over the summer but a handful start Friday, including proof of insurance upon vehicle registration.
Lawmakers To Introduce Bill To Curb Insurance FraudInsurance fraud is growing in Minnesota. Experts say this crime alone costs the average family more than $1,400 a year in higher insurance premiums.
Study: Prior Lake Speeding Tickets Most Expensive In Minn.Prior Lake is the most expensive place to get a speeding ticket in Minnesota, according to a study by The consumer finance website conducted a study on the true cost of a speeding ticket in Minnesota. It looked at the price of the ticket, plus court costs and insurances increases over three years, which is how long speeding tickets last in Minnesota.
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Car Insurance: Tips On Getting Better RatesWith car insurance, there are things you can control, like the kind of car you drive. But there are things you can't, like your age or gender. So, WCCO-TV’s Jamie Yuccas found out what drives insurance companies to give better rates.
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