Eating Cheese Won't Increase Risk Of Heart Problems, Study SaysResearchers say eating dairy products won’t increase your risk of developing heart problems later on in life.
Planters Gets Retro, Brings Back Cheez BallsIn "everything old is new again" fashion, Planters just announced that they're bringing the retro snack back to store shelves and online.
Wisconsin Produced Record Amount Of Cheese In 2017It was the 16th consecutive year that Wisconsin topped its production record set the previous year.
Wisconsin Fights For More Cheese RecognitionEven though Wisconsin produces the most cheese in the country, the state hasn't honored the food with an official designation.
Finding Minnesota: Caves Of FaribaultOur neighbors in Wisconsin may have a reputation for cheese, but Minnesota has its own bragging rights.
Report: Grated Cheese Contains 8.8 Percent CelluloseWhen it comes to cheese, it's common practice for food companies to use a small amount of cellulose to keep grated parmesan from clumping. 2 to 4 percent is considered acceptable in the industry.
After Major Cheese Heists, Wis. Investigators Are Looking For ConnectionsThieves stole thousands of dollars' worth of cheese in Wisconsin, and investigators are not laughing.
DeRusha Eats: The Lone GrazerLiving so close to Wisconsin, Minnesotans have a pretty good idea of what a cheesemaking operation is supposed to look like: barns, cows and fields.
Goin' To The Lake Recap: Cumberland, Wis. (Day 1)WCCO-TV's Frank Vascellaro Amelia Santaniello and WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman are Goin' to the Lake this week! They are headed east and will be live in Cumberland, Wis.
Kraft Issues Recall For Kraft Singles Over Choking HazardsKraft is issuing a warning for consumers who have purchased the Kraft cheese singles. The company said 36,000 cases of the cheese may present a choking hazard. So, they're voluntarily recalling them.
Minnesota Festival Memories: Pine Island Cheese FestivalSome call it summer, some call it festival season. It seems every weekend there are great community events across the state of Minnesota. This week we head to Pine Island to show case the annual Cheese Festival!