Zillow Offers Sells 786 Homes In 2Q, Including Homes In MinnesotaHomeowners who have time and are looking to maximize their profit are likely better off going with a traditional sale.
Are Blue Light Lenses Worth The Cost?Consumers who buy the special glasses typically see the light itself as harmful, although research indicates the amount of time spent looking at screens, rather than the light itself, may be the bigger culprit.
How The Hands-Free Law May Affect Your Car Insurance PremiumIt’ll take a year or two for the data to show and the prices to adjust accordingly. However, the financial stakes are high for people who choose to break the law.
What To Buy To Comply With Minnesota's New Hands-Free LawWith Minnesota’s new hands-free law comes a bump in sales for Best Buy’s tech accessories, according to a spokesperson. There are dozens of choices for drivers who want to stay connected safely and legally, ranging from Bluetooth headsets to car mounts to in-car systems.
'Buy Ugly Fruit': Imperfect Produce Aims To Limit Food WasteThe company buys produce from a nationwide network of farmers, claiming it saves some of the roughly 20% of produce often thrown out.
Amazon Warehouse Workers Push For Higher Wages In 'Prime Day' ProtestMonday is the start of Prime Day, the two-day holiday the online retail giant Amazon manufactured to get people to buy things over the summer months.
Costs Of College: What Parents Should Consider While Looking At SchoolsThe Federal Student Loan Rate dropped by half a percentage point on July 1, down to 4.53%.
'They Won't Give Up': Fans Gather To Celebrate World Cup TitleThe U.S. Women's National Team had millions of eyes from all around the world, and from a packed house at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis this was more than just a game.
Hmong Freedom Festival Returns To St. Paul For 39th YearThousands of people are spending part of their Saturday at the 39th Annual Hmong Freedom Festival. The two-day event is taking over St. Paul's Como Park.
3M Open Sponsor Donates Rescue Dog To K9s For WarriorsK9s for Warriors takes dogs from high kill shelters and then trains them to be service animals for veterans in need.
Family, Community Pay Respects To Deb Schott, Nurse Killed In Chopper CrashDeb Schott was a registered nurse with Ridgeview Emergency Dept and a flight nurse for North Air Care.