State Senate GOP Blames Dems For Letting Riots Escalate In New ReportThe report also blames Democrats for identifying with the causes promoted by the demonstrators, causing them to lose sight of their responsibility to protect the public from criminal acts committed during the riots.
Residents Plead In Virtual Session For Greater Safety In MinneapolisMany say they are prisoners in their own homes, afraid to venture out for fear of becoming the next victim of crime in Minneapolis.
'Please Come Downtown': Zen Box Izakaya Owner Calls On Community To Return To MinneapolisThe break-in is a headache but Owner Lina Goh says she's more concerned about how slow business has been. At their low point in June, she and her husband were doing just 10% of their normal business.
40 Minneapolis Restaurants Write Mayor, City Council Saying Perception Of Lawlessness Will Kill BusinessesThe letter calls for Frey to create a plan of action to make public safety a priority, to get people back downtown, and help businesses survive.
Mall of America's Community Commons Space To Feature Local Businesses Seeking A Fresh StartThere's a new space opening at the Mall of America that's helping some local business owners get a fresh start in a difficult year.
Hundreds March Through Downtown Minneapolis Protesting Jacob Blake's ShootingOrganizers say what happened in Kenosha is a reminder that nothing's changed since the death of George Floyd.
Republicans' Portrayal Of Urban Mayhem Doesn't Always Match RealityAt almost every turn at the RNC, speakers from the president on down portrayed American cities like Portland, Oregon, New York and Chicago as lawless Democratic wastelands that have been overrun with violence, looting and destruction.
'It's Just Not Worth It Anymore': For Some Minneapolis Businesses, Wednesday's Riots Were The Last StrawFor the owner of Dahl Medical Supply, this was the last straw. On Thursday morning, they parked a moving van in front of the store and began loading up the merchandise the thieves didn't take.
Twins Won't Play Thursday's Game Against Tigers, CBS Sports ReportsThe move comes as a number of teams have been putting a pause on business as usual, in the aftermath of the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
List Of Businesses Damaged Or Looted In Minneapolis OvernightHere is a partial list and map of businesses in and around downtown Minneapolis that have been confirmed to have been either damaged or looted Wednesday night.
Gov. Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Give Differing Accounts Of Why National Guard Response To Unrest Was DelayedWith large sections of Minneapolis and St. Paul still in ruins, the charred question lingers: What took so long in those dark days to get the National Guard on the streets?