DPS: Half Of Unbelted Fatalities Involve EjectionThe Minnesota Department of Public Safety says that more than half of those who were not wearing their seat belts when they were killed in car crashes ended up being ejected from their vehicles.
Officials: 'Click It Or Ticket' Campaign Starts MondayWhile wearing your seat belt while you’re driving is something you should always be doing, there’s more reason to do it starting Monday as agencies from around the state are targeting unbelted drivers. Law enforcement agencies around the state are enforcing a crackdown on seat belt usage for their annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign.
October: Deadliest Month For Unbuckled Drivers The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says that 15 unbuckled drivers died in October -- the deadliest month of the year so far for people not wearing seat belts.
'Click It Or Ticket' Starts Friday Across MinnesotaThe Minnesota Department of Public Safety, along with the Minnesota State Patrol, ramps up the “Click or Ticket Campaign” for the next two weeks starting Friday.
DPS: More Than 12,000 Seat Belt Citations During ‘Click It or Ticket’The "Click It or Ticket" campaign wrapped up June 3, which included 313 reporting law enforcement agencies from around the state. A total of 12,639 citations were issued over the two-week stretch.
'Click It Or Ticket' Campaign Starts In MinnesotaNew digital billboards went up Monday with the simulated image of someone plunging from a building. It's a dramatic part of the "Click It or Ticket" campaign that started Monday and goes until June 3.
‘Click It Or Ticket’ Campaign Starts MondayPolice are warning motorists to buckle up as the "Click It or Ticket" campaign will be back up and running next Monday.