What’s The Difference Between Climate And Weather?How can it be so cold as the planet heats up? Heather Brown explains the difference between weather and climate.
Scientists: Minnesota Is Among Fastest Warming States In U.S.Scientists say Minnesota is one of the fastest warming states in the country, as its famously bitter winters grow milder.
Eric Dayton, Will Steger Talk 'Keep The North Cold' CampaignIn 2015, the Minneapolis store Askov Finlayson launched their "Keep the North Cold" Campaign to benefit Will Steger's nonprofit Climate Generation.
Viewers Sound Off On Climate Change 'Reality Check'WCCO-TV’s Pat Kessler examined a new report on climate change in Wednesday night’s edition of "Reality Check” -- and it is a topic that has a lot of people talking. President Donald Trump says he doesn't believe the report, but can 300 scientists and 13 federal agencies all be wrong? This topic is really striking a chord with just about everyone; one of the rare topics that affects literally everyone in Minnesota.
Reality Check: Minnesota’s Changing ClimateThe National Climate Assessment predicts devastating consequences if nothing is done about climate change. Minnesota's headline: "Much Hotter Summers, Much Warmer Winters.” The assessment predicts a future Minnesota that doesn't look familiar.
White House Climate Report Shows Climate Change Already Affecting MinnesotaThe White House released its 1600-page climate report on Black Friday, in what critics say was an attempt to minimize news coverage -- but it's the president's criticism of his own administration's report that continues to generate headlines.
Climate Change Impact In MinnesotaMinnesota is not immune to the impacts of Climate Change.
Mass Deaths And Mayhem: National Climate Assessment's Most Shocking WarningsThe scientific report, which was produced by 13 federal agencies, describes an American future that is nothing short of apocalyptic due to rising threats from climate change.
What Are The Top Ways Emissions Are Produced?According to a U.N. organization report released Sunday, scientists are warning the planet will experience extreme weather and deadly food shortages if no drastic action is taken by 2030. So, what are top ways we produce emissions? Good Question.
Scientists: World's Warming; Expect More Intense HurricanesGlobal warming didn't cause Florence, scientists say. But it makes the system a bigger danger.
DNR Climatologist: Minn. Warming More Than Most U.S. StatesThe winters are getting warmer than they used to be, and there's new local data to back that up.
Summer 2018 In Climate Review: Minnesota & WisconsinNow is the time to look back on Summer, which was a warm and wet one around Minnesota.
Study Claims Higher Temperatures, Climate Change Linked To SuicideA new study from Stanford University is claiming that suicide rates will continue to rise as the Earth gets hotter.
Minnesota's Highest Court Won't Block Climate Change Protesters' 'Necessity Defense'Climate change protesters are claiming victory in their effort to present an unusual "necessity defense" against felony charges stemming from efforts to shut down oil pipelines.
April 2018: Record Cold in the US; Still Hot, GloballyFor many of us, weather (like politics, as Tip O'Neill famously said) is local; it's easy to forget that weather conditions can vary widely.