Amid Brutal Cold, Fairview Southdale Is Having A Baby BoomEvery time a new baby is born at Fairview Southdale Hospital, a lullaby plays. That lullaby has been ringing through the halls 60 times since Monday.
House By House, Heat Restored To Princeton ResidentsXcel Energy's natural gas service wasn't working for 152 homes in Princeton because of the extreme cold.
Church Helps Homeless During Bitter Blast, Even Marries One CoupleSt. Andrew's Church has a long-term track record running homeless shelter for families in Oakdale and Hugo. This week they got a call from Washington County looking for help.
Minnesota Weather: What Does 50 Below Feel Like?“Frozen skin can cause an inflammatory cascade in the body. The tissue freezes, and while it’s thawing out, inflammation starts to spread.”
Stop Everything, It's Too Cold To Even Deliver BeerTemperatures are so low that beer will freeze -- around 32 degrees or slightly lower, depending on alcohol content -- on the trucks before it can be delivered.
Minnesota Weather: Senate Cancels Hearings Due To Bitter BlastAlthough Senate offices remain open for lawmakers who choose to brave the frigid trek to the Capitol.
Families Take Advantage Of Recreation Centers After Cold Causes School ClosingsA handful of locations will partner with Minneapolis Public Schools Tuesday to offer free snacks and meals to those affected by the cold weather.
WCCO's Binge-Watching Picks For While You're Cold-BoundThese are some of the best TV series and movies viewing options for our crazy cold snap, handpicked by WCCO-TV.
WCCO Morning Team's Favorite 'Stay Inside' Soup, Hotdish RecipesThere's no reason to step outside and risk life and limb to get a body-warming bowl of soup or a stick-to-your-bones piece of hotdish.
Warming Centers Open Amid Extreme ColdWarming centers around Minnesota have opened up in multiple locations due to extremely cold weather conditions.
'Neither Snow, Nor Cold': Mail Carriers Will Be Out TodaySupervisors are ensuring that carriers are properly dressed for the cold, and hand warmers are being distributed.