Community Spotlight: Woodbury’s ‘Dreamcoat’ Fundraiser Each week we like to say thanks to school organizations that are giving back to the community.
Community Spotlight: Cooper Freshman Makes Blankets For Sick ChildrenThis week a freshman at Cooper High School in New Hope is following her mother's lead to bring a little love from home to children in the hospital.
Community Spotlight: Park Center Cheerleaders Go PinkOur Community Spotlight Award this week goes to the cheerleaders at Park Center High School. They're getting ready for a big fundraiser on Wednesday.
Little Falls Students Help Kids Adjust To Middle SchoolAnyone who's been through school knows: The transitions from grade school to middle school then high school can be tough.
Community Spotlight: Norwood Young America FFAAt Central High School in Norwood Young America, students take their studies pretty seriously. But in the FFA Chapter, there is more going on than just bookwork -- students also learn the importance of volunteering.
Edina Ice Skating Team Honored For Volunteer WorkThis week's Community Spotlight winner takes us to Edina where an ice skating team is turning heads on and off the ice.
Community Spotlight: Armstrong's AVID Program For YouthWhile some high school athletes have dreams of playing in the pros some day, other students just want to have the opportunity to go to college. This week's Community Spotlight winner is making that dream come true.
Gymnastics Team Awarded For Helping Kids With DisabilitiesIt takes time, strength, flexibility and a whole lot of courage to become a good gymnast. The Woodbury gymnastics team knows all about that, and they've put in the effort -- and not just for themselves.
Community Spotlight: 24-Relay Inspired By Beloved CoachThis week's Community Spotlight winner is about how the death of a beloved coach, has inspired his student-athletes to give back.
Community Spotlight Winner: Montevideo FFA The 35 students that make up Montevideo's FFA Chapter are pretty identifiable around school. Their creativity spills out on their t-shirts, which are worn under their traditional FFA jackets.
'Community Spotlight' Honors Crystal CadetsThis week's Community Spotlight takes us to Crystal, where a group of teenagers and young adults have a "tactical" way of giving back.