Officials Concerned About Recent Spike In COVID-19 Cases, Increase In VariantsOver the past seven days, the average number of new COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin was 439 and the percentage of positive tests was 2.5%, up from 2% two weeks ago.
Vaccine Eligibility For Next Phase Moved A Week Earlier In WisconsinPeople age 16 and up with certain preexisting conditions in Wisconsin will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine starting Monday.
Dentists Could Join Ranks Of Vaccinators In WisconsinThere are about 3,500 dentists in Wisconsin who could be enlisted to help vaccinate.
'This Stuff Is Gold': Few COVID-19 Vaccine Doses Have Been Wasted In WisconsinFewer than 2,400 doses of the highly sought after coronavirus vaccine were wasted or spoiled in Wisconsin through February.
Wisconsin Could Get $1.6 Billion By Expanding MedicaidWisconsin could save more than $1.6 billion over the next two years by expanding Medicaid to cover nearly 91,000 additional low-income people, a move Republicans continue to block.
Wisconsin Vaccine Rollout To Expand, Include 2 Million More ResidentsWisconsin plans to greatly expand the number of people eligible for the coronavirus vaccine by about 2 million people, including those with certain pre-existing conditions, as positive cases decline and vaccine availability increases.
More Than 1 Million Wisconsin Residents Have Been VaccinatedMore than 1 million people in Wisconsin have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, Gov. Tony Evers said Friday. But that good news was tempered by the announcement that health officials have detected another highly contagious version of the virus in the state.
Wisconsin Pharmacies To Receive COVID Vaccines Through Federal ProgramNearly 200 Walgreens pharmacies across Wisconsin are expecting to receive coronavirus vaccines directly from the federal government starting this week, marking the beginning of a program that targets underserved areas, state health officials announced Thursday.
Wisconsin Assembly Sends Mask Order Repeal Back To SenateThe Assembly delayed a vote last week amid concerns that repealing Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ emergency order tied to the pandemic would result in Wisconsin losing about $50 million a month in federal money for poor people.
Wis. Gov. Evers: Repealing Mask Mandate Like Eliminating Speed LimitsDemocratic Gov. Tony Evers lashed out Friday at rival Republicans who tried to repeal his statewide mask mandate, saying killing the order would be a ridiculous move comparable to abolishing speed limits.
Wis. Assembly Cancels Vote On Repeal Of Mask Mandate: 'A Win For Public Health'Wisconsin's Republican-controlled Assembly on Thursday abruptly canceled a vote to repeal Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate in the face of broad criticism from the state's health, school and business leaders and out of concern it would jeopardize more than $49 million in federal aid.
Wisconsin Senate Votes To Repeal Gov. Evers' Mask MandateThe Republican-controlled Wisconsin Senate voted Tuesday to repeal Gov. Tony Evers' statewide mask mandate, despite warnings from virtually every sector of the health care community that doing so would impair efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
Wisconsin Pharmacist Charged In Attempt To Ruin COVID VaccineA Wisconsin pharmacist accused of trying to defrost and spoil dozens of vials of COVID-19 vaccine was charged Tuesday with attempted misdemeanor property damage, and prosecutors warned more serious charges could follow if tests show the doses were ruined.
Wisconsinites Ages 65 And Older Next In Line For VaccineEveryone over age 65 in Wisconsin will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine starting on Monday, a group of 700,000 people that is more expansive than originally envisioned to be next in line for the shot, the state Department of Health Services said Tuesday.
Record Single-Day Number Of COVID Deaths In Wisconsin -- 128DHS reported 1,937 new cases of the disease on Saturday, bringing the total of positive cases in Wisconsin to 520,188 since the pandemic began.