DeBlog: Did Minnesota Used To Ban Booze On Election Day?Minnesota -- home of blue laws that ban alcohol sales on Sunday. We have city-run liquor stores here. We only recently allowed breweries to have their own tap rooms.
DeBlog: Election Night In The WCCO Newsroom
DeBlog: How Much Do We Spend On 'I Voted' Stickers?It’s probably the most Instagrammed and Facebooked photo of the day: the red “I Voted” sticker. Cindi Houtkooper from Minneapolis emailed, Greg Swan from Chaska tweeted asking: How much do we spend on the stickers? Who pays for them?
DeBlog: Why Are We Seeing Political Ads On Election Day?A lot of you are emailing asking why we're seeing political campaign ads on TV on Election Day.
DeBlog: What The President Ate At The Bachelor FarmerWhat a meal. As you may know, I have a side-life as a food writer. I do “DeRusha Eats” segments for our Saturday morning news on WCCO, and I write for Minnesota Monthly magazine.
DeBlog: Why Do Toxicology Tests Take So Long?Since the death of Whitney Houston, the Good Question <a href="//”" target="”_blank”">submission inbox</a> has been overflowing with people asking about her toxicology results.
DeBlog: What Can You Do With Leftover Campaign $$?On Twitter this morning, Jason Douglas asked, "What happens to the remaining money a candidate possesses after they drop out of the Presidential race?"
DeBlog: Should You Have A Will?The estate planning community has been all abuzz about our Good Question on "What happens if you don't have a will?" I'm pretty sure these lawyers are excited that the news media is talking about the issue of wills, since only about one in eight Minnesotans have one.
DeBlog: Do Protests Or Petitions Ever Work?People are mad, these days. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for … questionable reasons.
DeBlog: Covering OccupyMNWe've been covering the OccupyMN "occupation" for 10 days now. But viewers are starting to question: What's the point?
DeBlog: Macy's Is Doing The Same Xmas Display AGAIN?The Christmas display at <s>Dayton's</s> <s>Marshall Field's</s> Macy's is a Minnesota tradition. This will be the 49th year that Minnesotans wait in the elevators at the flagship store on Nicollet Mall, and head up to the eighth-floor auditorium.