DeBlog: Joe Soucheray's Crazy Garage LogicI realize that Twitter isn't for everyone, and I certainly realize that Twitter isn't for Joe Soucheray.
DeBlog: Are The Rich Treated Better In The Justice System? On Tuesday night, we did a Good Question on whether rich/prominent people get special treatment in the justice system. We thought it made sense to interview an attorney who's won some and lost some for prominent clients, Joe Friedberg.
DeBlog: Sports, Weather, And My NewsI guess I passed my initiation. Last night at 5 minutes to airtime, executive producer Matt Liddy came to me and said, "We lost the signal to the fair. You may be doing sports."
DeBlog: The Intern Signs OffToday's Good Question is one I wanted to answer.
DeBlog: What's The Most Popular State Fair Food?Believe it or not, we're nearing the end of summer. But the great thing about living in Minnesota is you don't have to say goodbye to the season before one last Minnesota get together -- the Minnesota State Fair! Here's a reply all to your fair-related Good Questions.
DeBlog: Chanhassen Is 1 Of The Top 10 Places To Live?Let's start with this: I love Chanhassen. Great town. But one of top ten places to live in the entire United States?
DeBlog: How Do Fruit Flies Get In My House?Lately I’ve been dealing with some uninvited houseguests in my apartment -- fruit flies. It seems like they’re everywhere right now. That got me wondering, where do fruit flies come from?
DeBlog: Why Don't Movies Measure Success By Ticket Sales?Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 broke box office records opening weekend—the film sold more tickets in a single day than any other film in history. But ticket sales don’t count when it comes to naming the most "successful" movies of all time. It’s all about the money.
DeBlog: Why Do We Get Freckles When It's Sunny?If you're like me, you may have noticed a few new freckles on your face since the start of summer. All that fun in the sun can do some damage to our skin. So why does the sun cause freckles?
DeBlog: What’s The Worst Movie You’ve Seen Based On A Book?Because the final Harry Potter movie opens at midnight Friday morning (I can't believe how many local theaters have sold out!) we got to thinking about movies based on books.
DeBlog: How Do We Calculate The Heat Index?With the heat of summer upon us, we hear a lot about the heat index in our weather forecasts these days. But what exactly is the heat index and how is it calculated?
DeBlog: Could The Shutdown Shut Down State Fair Foods?As the state government shutdown continues, many of the ripple effects are being felt. One of the key concerns is the lack of health inspectors to give the green light to things like -- state fair food booths.
DeBlog: Is The Government Shutdown Painful Enough?I've spent some time thinking about this -- I wonder if the government shutdown is painful enough.
DeBlog: How Does The Morning News Get On The Air?Working in TV news isn't your typical 9-5 job. When you work in morning TV news, you face an even bigger challenge: your sleep schedule.
DeBlog: Why Are Goosebumps Only On Arms, Legs?We’ve all had them at some point in our lives. Goose bumps might appear when we get scared or cold.