MnDOT: State Awards $18 Million For Construction Projects In 5 CommunitiesA total of $20 million was available for projects in this phase.
More Than 1,000 Furloughed Workers In Minnesota Have Applied For Unemployment Benefits State officials say that more than 1,000 furloughed government workers in Minnesota have applied for unemployment benefits.
Republicans Say Losing DFLers Shouldn’t Be Getting Job Loss BenefitsMinnesota House Republicans are crying foul after DFL staffers on the losing end of the 2016 election were granted benefits from the state's Dislocated Workers Program, which is normally used for mass layoffs from private companies.
August Job Losses In Minnesota Cause Unemployment To Go UpMinnesota's unemployment rate is ticking up as the state sheds jobs. The state lost 1,500 jobs in August, according to data released Thursday by the Department of Employment and Economic Development.
Despite May Job Losses, Unemployment Steady At 3.8 PercentMinnesota's unemployment rate remains at 3.8 percent despite shedding nearly 2,000 jobs in May.
February Job Growth Keeps Minnesota Ahead Of U.S. In UnemploymentMinnesota's unemployment rate continues to beat the nation by a wide margin. Job figures released Thursday show the state's seasonally adjusted unemployed rate held at 3.7 percent in February. That's compared to a 4.9 percent unemployment rate nationwide.
DEED: Minnesota Unemployment Rate DecreasingMinnesota continues to add jobs, and it seems to be a trend that will keep going in 2016. The Department of Employment and Economic Development says employers added more than 9,000 jobs last month.
More Growth Expected As Minnesota Adds 9,100 Jobs In DecemberMinnesota employers added 9,100 jobs in December, boosting the state's job gains for 2015 to over 42,000.
Minn. Unemployment Rate Drops To Lowest Level In Nearly 15 YearsMinnesota's unemployment rate is at its lowest level since March 2001. The state Department of Employment and Economic Development reported Thursday that November's seasonally adjusted rate was 3.5 percent. That's the lowest since March 2001.
$11M In Grants Awarded To 15 MN Broadband ProjectsBroadband providers serving 15 rural areas of Minnesota unlocked $11 million of state grants Friday to expand the availability of high-speed Internet. The Department of Employment and Economic Development announced the recipients in a competitive grant program that has struggled to keep pace with demand.
Minnesota Unemployment Rate Falls Despite Job LossMinnesota's unemployment rate continues to fall to 3.7 percent even as the state loses more jobs. The Department of Employment and Economic Development reported Thursday that the state lost 1,700 jobs in October.