Derek Chauvin Trial: How Jury Deliberations Will WorkAfter more than two weeks of witness testimony and hours of attorney arguments, the fate of former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin is now in the hands of a jury that will decide if he is responsible for George Floyd's death.
Drive-By Shooter Targets National Guard Humvee In Minneapolis, Injuring 2 GuardsmenThe Minnesota National Guard said someone fired at members in north Minneapolis early Sunday morning.
Tensions High In Twin Cities Amid Wright Protests, Upcoming Chauvin Trial VerdictTensions are high around the Twin Cities Sunday night, and Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is calling for calm as jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial are expected to be handed the case Monday.
Artists Paint Murals On Boarded-Up Lake Street Businesses To Help Community HealThe wooden boards are a reminder of the unrest in Minneapolis last summer, so local artists are painting the blank boards at Midtown Global Market into colorful murals.
A Look Back At Key Moments In The Derek Chauvin TrialThe three weeks of testimony at a former Minneapolis police officer's trial in the death of George Floyd were filled with indelible moments, ranging from witnesses breaking down as they relived what they saw to a clinical account by one expert pinpointing on video the instant he believes Floyd died.
Defense's Medical Expert In Derek Chauvin Trial Faces Maryland LawsuitThe former chief medical examiner for Maryland who testified on behalf of the officer accused of killing George Floyd is a defendant in a federal lawsuit over the death of a man who died under circumstances similar to Floyd.
Derek Chauvin Trial: How Does 'Reasonableness' Factor Into Chauvin's Defense?Attorneys and witnesses have used the words “reasonable” or “unreasonable” often at the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murder and manslaughter in George Floyd's death.
WCCO Exclusive: Juror On Mohamed Noor Trial Talks For The First TimeJurors will get the Derek Chauvin case next week. Few know what it's like to serve on such a high-profile trial.
Minneapolis Public Schools To Go To Distance Learning For Chauvin VerdictIn anticipation of a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial next week, Minneapolis Public Schools said in a letter to families that all grades will transition to distance learning on Wednesday through Friday.
Derek Chauvin Trial, April 15: Chauvin Says He Won't Testify, Both Sides Rest Their CaseClosing arguments are set for Monday in the Derek Chauvin trial after a dramatic final day of testimony.
Defense's Medical Expert In Derek Chauvin Trial Says George Floyd's Cause Of Death Is 'Undetermined'A defense expert testified Wednesday that George Floyd's manner of death cannot be determined because he believes there are many conflicting, contributing factors.
Derek Chauvin Trial: Morries Hall, Friend Of George Floyd, Refuses To TestifyA friend of George Floyd who was with him the night he died won't testify at the trial of the former Minneapolis police officer charged in his death, the judge overseeing the case ruled Wednesday.
Derek Chauvin Trial, April 14 Live Updates: Under Cross Examination, Defense's Medical Expert Agrees Floyd Needed 'Immediate Emergency Attention' For Cardiac ArrestThe defense in the Derek Chauvin trial is expected to call medical experts on Wednesday as it attempts to sow doubt on whether the former Minneapolis police officer's actions killed George Floyd, rather than underlying health conditions or drug use. It remains unknown if Chauvin will take the stand in his own defense.
Judge Cahill Denies Request To Acquit Derek Chauvin In George Floyd's DeathRequests for an acquittal are routinely made midway through a trial and are usually denied.
Derek Chauvin Trial, April 13: Defense's Expert Witness Says Use Of Force Against George Floyd 'Justified'For the first time since the start of the murder trial for Derek Chauvin, jurors heard witnesses say Tuesday the former police officer did the right thing.